A critic of Modern Science from the philosophical lenses

Publication Issues

Modern Science is mostly run by publications from the research. High impact factor Journals rules Modern Science and very few people make their Research to these Journals. This has distinguished modern Science from real Science. A trend is there in the Scholars, whomsoever gets publication in Science and Nature becomes a King. So, they play on the setting of these big journals and many more. The work has to be unique and has to best fit the scope. It is really a good thing when Science keeps on moving through uniqueness. However, are we addressing reality through modern Science?

Reality is far more interesting than what modern science has to offer. In schools, how many people choose Science as a field of higher study? As per the report of HESA, in 2017-2018, 46% of students choose Science related subjects in the UK and 54% chose non-Science related subjects. The subject which considers understanding the Reality is Physical Sciences, 4% of students chose this in 2017-2018. This is one of the examples of first world nation, what about the third world countries?

In India, a Science subject has become just like a matter of pride, a student who takes science is a King and others are nothing. Politically, this is evident in most of the Schools. In some of the Schools that I have personally visited, only 10-15% of students are enrolled in Science. Some of them chose Science because of higher marks than others and rest on the suggestion of parents/relatives.  

Here is an issue, 4% of student who takes Physical Sciences in the UK are definitely from different specializations within the same subject. Let’s assume, for the world also 4% of students take physical sciences which is a lame judgment because third world countries have a greater population and they choose job oriented subjects rather than risky theories that need to be tested in the future. The numbers are very less. In between, let’s say 2-4% of students, how many are Newton, Einstein, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, etc. Come on, there was only one Newton, one Einstein, one Heisenberg, one Schrodinger, what is the percentage now for total in space and time of people who really tried hard and succeeded in understanding the Reality? That’s whooping ‘Nil’

Modern Physical Sciences are still unable to understand the reality because of the specific set of Methodology, Journal, Scientist, and Professor appeasement politics. Modernity made people think, Science is just great, when someone says NASA has said it or Scientists have said it, people in third world nations or even developed nations unerringly believe in it, without question. Why would they question even? Maybe more than 90% of people don’t know the technical terms at all. That’s how the discovery of ‘Higgs Boson’ makes them think more strongly, God having a human-like body with beards creates the Universe.

Modern Science and Falsifiability.

The modern idea about research in Academia and Science is all about falsifiability, which is ‘research should be presented in such a way that it can be falsified’. So, when someone cannot falsify the theory in the future, it becomes knowledge. This is a good thing but it is within academia only. Psychologically valid, more of research journal articles in modern days are published, just to advance the career of the researcher rather than to build up the knowledge.

Nikola Tesla didn’t expect anything for a career-related thing, he was ignored by many people within his circle and it’s not wrong to say, in modern days, most of the students know the name because the word ‘Tesla’ is the unit of magnetic flux density or name of premium cars made by Elon Musk’s team. However, for true knowledge name doesn’t matter, but people crave order of name of authors rather than forming the knowledge in any Journal because it advances their career. There are various cases where the cases of plagiarism, misconduct, conflict in authors etc. have happened due to lack of ethics.

What is good in falsifiability and talking big, when such a large number of people don’t even understand what science is all about? Probably, flat earthers are getting hold over the things because of the hidden problems within Academia, these people are of another level, don’t know from which part of Brain they are able to defend such an idea.

Why not to make them understand in their own way?

Science in their own level of understanding seems trivial but it can surely be implemented by incorporating core concepts of Indian philosophy. The Vedas are a system of texts, which consists of different meanings in single ‘shloka’(verse). One-word different meaning kind of thing, assume the Sanskrit language. Let’s take the phrase ‘Om Namah Narayana’, this looks just like a one phrase prayer to the majority of the people. However, when you break them into three it becomes ‘Om’, ‘Namah’, ‘Narayana’, where Om itself has many meanings, it is a primordial vibration, stages of human consciousness like Jagrit (awake), Svapna (dream), Susupti(sub-conscious stage) and Turiya (absorption stage) and the Brahman along with the meditation technique by focusing on the breath moving from navel area (Manipura chakra) to the head, etc., Namah and Narayana words are also set of vibrations assigned to letters. On the other way, the latter two words become like a prayer for those who don’t understand the scientific part. This results in the formation of stories related to the reality and facts to make understand real science in a slightly different way by incorporating elements of literature. People who don’t know science will realize the truth through literature and practices. However, in modern times, this might be tough to implement because of the politics involved.

The major academic stuff in the past was written in the Sanskrit language. However, only a single interpretation has been made by the translators, in which the majority of the pioneers are not from India and Indian translators were inspired by them. Either it is based on prejudice that, all is mythology rather than reality or based on their own level of understanding which is through the lenses of western philosophy. Some of them might be mythology but cannot be argued against understanding reality. The core idea in Indian Philosophy is truth and reality, so what’s wrong when someone tries to make everyone understand the Science in a different manner.

Isn’t it silly to say Indian Philosophy really has Science?

Many of the so-called modern people have this question in the mind. It is not trivial to assert, some forget that there is a question mark in the statement and some just ignore the question mark because of politics and prejudices. People term themselves Atheists and keep on Bashing, Indian philosophy as a religion. The problem with them is, they are probably Brainwashed to accept idealism only rather than realism. No matter what, Science is just a tool to develop knowledge but ideologies based on the marriage of Science and Technology like ‘Techno-Progressivism’ see Science as a tool to create technologically advanced things by incorporating social issues but they completely forget about the Climate Change issues and human-nature conflict or nature-culture dualism. Every philosophy has its own thing to say with their own level of Science but Indian philosophy played big in the past, they were able to justify things as ‘Holistic’ through their own way of proofs and falsifiability called as ‘Pramanas’. They have built up a vast knowledge system through the same idea of ‘Holism’, some are challenged and eliminated, the majority are being still followed.

Holistic World View, a need of an hour.

It is evident that the progressiveness of the technology has led to many problems, the emissions of greenhouse gases since the industrial revolution has heated up the atmosphere in a drastic manner. It’s huge and one of the major crises being faced by the people of the modern world. Glaciers are melting, sea level is rising, the forest being degraded, agricultural land being converted into urban areas, forests are being burned, and many more. These all are happening because of the thought that ‘Nature is to be exploited for the sake of living only, and man has to exploit Nature for the resources’. This is the dualistic view given by the west, thanks to them for oppressing the vast knowledge system in the past so that it is being refined through reforms that happened in past and is happening in present.

The exploitation happens in large with the dualistic view, but when there is a thought that human is a part of nature, this is called a non-dualistic view. The Indian Philosophy always considered this and praised nature as a part of reality and man is a part of it. A Holistic world view is an idea where everyone and everything is part of the same system i.e. Earth or Universe and each one is interconnected through various processes within the Society and Nature. These processes are from the carbon cycle to, discoveries in physics, the advancement of technology, nature-culture dualism, etc. that too in a single frame of reference. So, no one can brainwash people for materialism which results in maximum time in capitalism causing harm to Nature which is evident.

Its time for ‘Right to Science’ and it matters and everyone should be aware of it, whether through stories or articles. The thinking dimensions need to be broadened so that solutions can be focused and ‘Holistic’ world-view is developed.

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