Avatars of Brahma by Kaudinya Arpan.

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The only book that tells you the stories of Indian sages with their philosophies. Know how the systems of Ayurveda, Yoga, Atomic Theory, Sankhya, and Politics were founded by Avatars of Brahma.

Book Description.

While the Puranas mention that Lord Brahma becomes an avatar whenever Lord Vishnu comes to Earth to establish dharma, it is in the Dasam Granth (one of the holy books of the Sikhs) that the avatars are actually listed. The common point in Hinduism and Sikhism regarding the avatars of Brahma is that they are seen as great thinkers and teachers.

In this book, the authors, who run the popular website, Scientific Monk, delve into the lives of each avatar, their works, and the philosophies presented by them. They explain how the avatars of Brahma help us understand the Indian thought process and India’s intellectual heritage, and give readers a view of the works of India’s greatest yogis from a twenty-first-century worldview.

About authors.

Kaudinya Arpan is the founder of the Scientific Monk blog. He is an independent scientist specializing in machine learning applied to environmental and public health issues. Additionally, he pursued formal education parallelly in a Sanskrit medium philosophical school, where he delved into various Indian traditional studies related to lifestyle and Yoga. Alongside his academic pursuits, he was initiated into the practice of Yoga. Arpan is dedicated to the path of Raja Yoga and has achieved its final essence, thereby attaining the status of a Karma Yogi.

Pareekshit Dahal, from Sikkim, is a medical student with a keen interest in exploring and writing about culture, spirituality, and metaphysics. He is also a fitness enthusiast working to spread positivity and a healthy lifestyle in the community.

You can read what’s actually inside the book through this page. Avatars of Brahma.

You can also learn more about Khat Avatars of Brahma, who founded Indian Schools of Philosophies through this book.

It is a perfect self-help guide to learn and apply the Indian thought process in life.

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