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Greatest 7 Avatars of Brahma (Best).

Brahma is the creator of God in Hinduism. There are not many stories of Avatars of Brahma like Vishnu or Shiva. However, the holy book of Sikhs namely Dasam Granth mentions 7 Avatars of Brahma. He is identified with the god Prajapati of the Vedas. In some of the scriptures, he is said to have the Rajas Guna among the three Gunas namely Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas. Although, some of the scriptures also mention to be Nirguna or not having any qualities.

In Puranic Hinduism, he is considered to be one of the trinity. It is said that Avatars happen to establish Dharma. Usually, all the Avatars of Brahma appear on the earth to share knowledge with the world. The Saptarishis and the Sages are also considered to be part of Brahma. Let’s have a look at the detailed list and the stories associated with these 7 Avatars of Brahma.

  1. Valmiki Avatar
  2. Kashyapa Avatar
  3. Dattatreya Avatar
  4. Vyasa Avatar
  5. Kalidasa Avatar
  6. Chandra Avatar
  7. Vikahanas Avatar

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Valmiki Avatar

This Avatar of Lord Brahma compiled the epic Ramayana in the Sanskrit language. In Hinduism, there is a distinction between epics, in one category we have Puranas, and in another category, we have Itihashas ( history). The former one can be written or said by anyone but the History should be compiled by only those who have personally participated in it. Valmiki Avatar compiled the ithihaasa of the Rama called Ramayana. It was written in order to show the path of Dharma to the world.

Kashyapa Avatar, the father in the Avatars of Brahma

Kashyap is one of the Saptarishis or the Seven Sages. He is the father of various species including Devtas, Danavas, humans, Snakes, etc. He is mentioned in various scriptures as a father figure. Kashyapa Avatar of Brahma and his wife Aditi had blessings that Lord Narayana would take birth three times as their son to establish Dharma on the Earth. In first birth, he took birth as Rama, in second birth he was Krishna, and in third birth, he would be born as Kalki.


Dattatreya Avatar

He was one of the most knowledgeable Avatars of Brahma. Also, he is considered to be the first teacher in the world. Dattatreya even taught Parshurama, the Avatar of Vishnu. You can click here to read about Avatars of Vishnu. He is also known by the name of Adi-Guru. The major source of his knowledge was Nature itself. Interestingly, he is considered to be one of the Avatars of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh at once.

Vyas Avatar

The Ved Vyasa is also considered to be one of t he Avatars of Brahma. He compiled the ithihaasha namely Mahabharata. He is also an Avatar of Vishnu. Vyasa made Vedas accessible to the common people, so he is also known by the name Veda Vyasa.


Kalidasa Avatar

Kalidasa was a Sanskrit poet and dramatist. He is credited with many plays based on Indic culture and History. His play Abhigyan Shakuntalam is praised by modern scholars too.

Chandra the moon God Avatar

Once a pious sage named Mandavya cursed a brahmin named Kaushika that he would die immediately during the sunrise. However, Anusaya, the wife of Kaushika, possessed superhuman abilities. Furiously, she stopped the sun so that it would never rise. The trinity requested Anusaya to un-hold the Sun. Intelligent Anusaya took a chance and made her demand if the trinity would take the avatar from her womb, then only she would release the Sun. The Lord Brahma accepted and took birth as Chandra or the Moon.

Vikhanas Avatar

Lord Vishnu himself taught this Avatar of Brahma, the mystery of worship in the holy place called Naimisharayana. It all happened through the 32 questions which were put forward to the Vishnu.

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