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About Us

‘Dream of Nirvana’

Want to feel happiness within, or want to understand the God? Scientific Monk can help you.

You can even have self-realization or what people call a spiritual awakening. Freaked out? Just by reading, how can someone be awakened? Maybe you got stuck in the question Ahh Hhhh.

This is called as ‘Jnana Yoga’, the path of Knowledge. When you keep on reading about the eternal principle which people describe as Samadhi, Nirvana, Fanna, or Theoria, you get awakened.

But wait aren’t they the concepts within different religion?

No, not actually, these concepts are higher than dogmas of the religions. This is called spirituality. We don’t believe that conversion is real stuff, if it happens, it can bind in a particular method and discipline but cannot bind for spiritual experiences. So, strictly no method is greater or smaller. A Christian can be absorbed into Nirvana, Hindu into Fanna, Muslim into Samadhi, or Buddhist into Theoria. It’s all same, absorption within ourselves or the feeling of god or god within.

Let’s categorise these in one, we call it ‘Mysticism’ , this is commonly used term.

We don’t differentiate between religions. A constructional approach is being considered to unite all from the Eastern perspective.

So, this is our niche, however the East is the mother of mysticism so we deal more with Indian and Eastern Philosophy.