Ekadashi Fasting, 5 amazing benefits.

Ekadashi Fasting

Ekadashi fasting is a practice in Hinduism of abstaining from food and water for a 24-hour period. It is observed on the 11th day of the waxing and waning moon cycle. This day itself is known as Ekadashi tithi of the Hindu calendar. It is considered to be a highly auspicious day for spiritual growth … Read more

33 Best Hindu Gods Names


There is a myth that there are about 33 crore gods however these Hindu Gods names are unknown. It is because there are only 33. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are also on this list. You can Learn about the Hindu Gods and goddesses from ancient times to the present day below. These 33 Gods name … Read more

Top 10 Mantras for Success from Hindu Scriptures

Lord Surya Mantra for Success

There are many Mantras for success however best come from Indian scriptures. Discover the secrets behind the most effective mantras and how they can be used to improve your life. The books like Saptasati Chandi, Atharva Veda, and Bhagavat Gita have these mantras that will redefine who you are. The basic science behind the mantra … Read more

8 Best Wives of Krishna and Minor 16,100

Radha Krishna and Wives of Krishna, Astabharya

Wives of Krishna beyond Radha are also known as Astabharya or 8 Wives. Besides them, he had 16,100 minor wives who were rescued from the demon Narakasura. Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jamvanti, Kalindi, Nagarjiti, Mitravinda, Bhadra, and Lakshana are the principal wives of Lord Krishna. The Astabharya are mentioned in the book Vishnu Purana. The Astabharya or … Read more

Brahmastra Weapon, the myth of being powerful.

Lord Ganesha Light Spark

Brahmastra weapon has been frequently mentioned in various Puranas and ithihihasas like Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, there is a myth surrounding the Brahmastra being the most powerful weapon. The fact is the opposite as the Brahmastra weapon is not the most powerful weapon in the world as per the Hindu culture. Let’s see the description … Read more

Vishwakarma, lord of the world.


Vishwakarma is also known as Tvastr in the Vedas. Vishwa is the world and Karma is the natural order. So the direct meaning is ‘natural order of the world. In pictures, Vishwakarma is shown as a man with beards. However, there is a metaphysical meaning associated with his form and the stories presented. It is … Read more

Chitragupta and Yamaraja, 2 great tales of hidden images


Chitragupta and Yamaraja are the duos who look for the afterlife in Hinduism. Do you know? They have deep metaphysical significance. In this unique article, we discuss a deep aspect of Chitragupta God and Lord Yama. The meaning of the word “Chitragupta” is hidden images. He is also known by the name Kayastha. Chitragupta is … Read more

12 Adityas, from fierce to the protector


12 Adityas are the sons of the Aditi as per the Puranas. However, as per the Vedas and Satapatha Brahmana, they are the upholder of Dharma. The name varies with the Puranas. While considering, the authority of the Brahmana texts of Yajnawalkya over the Puranas. The names are as per the Satapatha Brahmana. One: Yama … Read more