Life and (Sufi) Music

Life is a continuous process; We cannot stop it on our own. You can stop it when you feel that you are nothing to others and you have taken steps to kill yourself. It is not a good step to do with your body because you will certainly die one day. Also, if you take such steps then people will say that you are a coward. I believe that the purpose of life is to serve others and yes, we are doing it every day directly or indirectly. If you are supporting someone without any expectation, then it is the real gem of life as it gives you immense joy and peace to your body. You will feel comfort and compassion towards other persons and you feel the music of soul which only you listen to and no one else can feel that song. And at that time you get connected with divine power. It is the process of self-realization and the connection between the soul and the Supreme Soul.

When you feel and listen to the music of the soul at that moment you connect with the supreme power and that music separates you from all the pain, hurt, negativity, pressure, and much more. At that time, it builds a bridge of relationship with the composer. May the spirit of music preach to your peace, tolerance, pluralism, and the mystical dimension of any religion and self. You feel the spiritual universe within you. So keep on practicing music, chanting, and circling which eventually results in spiritual ecstasy.

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Sound and music are associated with the experiences of Sufi saints. Primarily, Sufis, male or female, strive to get closer to the divine. Music establishes a connection between the soul and the divine power. This is the most important aspect of Sufism, it mostly involves listening to music, chanting, and walking around in Sufi orders. Sufi music is popularly known as the music of brotherhood. In Morocco, brothers hold hands in a circle, chanting and dancing. Each place has its own culture and traditions.

Sufi music also has a regional flavor. Basically, all these forms of music teach the meaning of life, because life has its own musician. It automatically creates music and you enjoy its rhythm.

The music of the inner soul calms our minds and relaxes the body. It is one of the processes of realizing oneself. It is a form of expression because you express yourself to the Supreme Being. Interestingly, the best part is that you don’t need to compose any music as it is already in you. You feel the inner void and try to remove all negative thoughts. It is a non-verbal form of music for others but for you, it is one of the best songs of your life. It has the power to connect with our inner self and it really helps you to understand the reality and purpose of life.

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