Life on Roads (Transgender); A Tale of New Reflection

What is life? This is a very complex question, which we cannot even understand. We are just doing regular things and nothing else. Life goes on and on and it never stops. When it stops, you stop, the whole world stops at that speed because you are not alive to re-live that moment, you die at that moment. I am not saying that death is not good, in fact, it is a part of life. One day, of course, you die and the other exists. It is the cycle of life that includes death and birth. If you are born, one day surely you will die.

There are many experiences in life from which you learn and (un)learn your things. And of course, you learn from your mistakes and give suggestions to someone else, you gain that experience from your mistakes. Even we share our thoughts with another person and feel happy. Even when we are in trouble, we call upon our parents, friends, and well-wishers for their support to get out of that trouble. Sometimes, we ignore it and do not support the person in trouble. That ignorance gives great pain to the person and from next time on, they contradict themselves to ask for support. They don’t come to you and tell you the real situation. But, very few people come to you and ask for support, and we ignore what we are doing to them.

You know, what I’m talking about, definitely not.

Yes, I am talking about the third gender or transgender of our society. We ignore them, we cannot support them but why? Many sections of the society work for them, they try to uplift the transgender socially, economically, emotionally, and politically, but we ourselves ignore the third gender. How I say that the large population ignores them; is because I have seen it through personal experience. That too, whenever I travel, by train, by road and by any other mode of transport.

We talk to them. They come to us and ask for the penny and at that time we ignore them. Even some of us scold them badly. Few people try to touch their bodies without their permission. In elite terms, we call it bad touch or good touch.

I believe that we have separated that class from our society on the basis of gender. We find them on the roads when vehicles stop. They come to us, clap and ask for support or money. Some of us give money, some close our windows after seeing them. Just imagine, when you close the windows in front of them, what situation or experience they face for this action. Maybe, you can simply tell, “I have nothing to offer you”, just don’t close your windows in front of them. This hurts them. I had spoken to them in Delhi about what do they think, when we shut or close the windows of the vehicle. I observed that they have more courage than us because we cannot ask for help from strangers. We ask only those people we know but they ask those whom they don’t even know.

A transgender said to me, “It is very easy to close the windows in front of us, but it is extremely difficult for us to maintain balance emotionally”. We feel very bad at that time but we cannot express our thoughts in front of the person. Other than closing the windows, just tell, we have nothing to support you. We like that more. We feel that moment emotionally, when they talk to us, even if they didn’t give us a penny, but what matters is their honesty and support”

I remember the story of a person or transgender named Pooja Sharma. She lives in Bombay which we call “Dream City or Mayanagri”. Pooja is famous for her dressing style, dance moves, and much more. Pooja resembles a famous actress Rekha because of her dancing moves and grace. How did she become famous or make a mark in our society? It is because we supported her in a positive way? And I believe that one day all transgender will make their mark like Pooja or maybe even like the civil servant Aishwarya Rutuparna Pradhan.

I appreciate our governments, which try to provide them a place in society. They try to make them feel better and uplift their identity. Our administration, in academic or non-academic forms, creates a section for the third gender, but here the question arises, is it enough for them?

Yes, this is, though it could be very small but in the future it will make difference in our society. Support for their upliftment and bringing positive change in society takes time, and that time is not so far but everyone needs to play their parts.

In final words, I would like to convey; Life is the same for all. Life has its own challenges and opportunity. But, we should think about the weaker or marginalized section of our society who are rising from the tremendous challenges from their life. We can only bring positive change in society when we start supporting each other.

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