Bhutas, ghosts, or the past?

The word ‘night’ itself is horrifying for many people. Its scariness has a psychological and physical meaning and is sometimes paranormal for some people. Psychological in sense the eyes are unable to focus on things because they need a secondary source of light for proper functioning and our subconscious mind creates such a kind of environment in the Brain that we get fear automatically. Physical in sense we cannot see objects so simply some cells create fear in us as the defense against unknown objects which doesn’t reflect light. Paranormal in the sense of “Bhutas” or what we commonly call ghosts in English. Today the discussion is all about Bhutas.

Let’s see, what these Bhutas are all about.

I am not going with explanations from various other cultures but will stick to the vast Hindu (Indic) Philosophy for understanding the gist. I personally don’t believe in the scariness of the ghosts though the movies scare me sometimes and this is true for many people. Imagine watching movies like ‘The Conjuring’ alone. In reality, such movies are nothing but some story out of the imagination of some authors and have great visual effects. But while watching the movie things go out of mind. We forget that we are just watching the motion of some still pictures with audio. Our mind perceives the motion of pictures as a story. It’s a kind of modern-day ‘Maya’ or the illusion.

In movies, we see something recorded in the past, isn’t it?.

In real life also major things are recorded in the past itself.

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Bhuta is the past. Scholars say there are five Maha Bhutas (Great past). They are Ether, Sky, Fire, Water, and Earth. Do you know that in the sky everything, yes literally everything exists in past?


Light has a definite speed; it takes some time to travel across the places. For example, light takes approximately 8 minutes to reach Earth. So basically, the sun that we see is actually a ‘ghost’ of sun that existed 8 minutes earlier.  Some stars are millions of light-years away from the Earth.

You thought it right.

These stars are also ghosts of some mixture of elements that existed some thousands or millions of years ago. Isn’t the sky a super ghost.  Whatever we see around actually is part of the maha bhutas or the super ghost, our vision processes the thing that existed in the past through some calculations and we see these as present.

Let’s assume one of your family members standing in front of you. In the complete dark, you will be unable to see him/her too. And when the light is available, the reflection from a secondary source will take some mini of the mini seconds to reach our eyes. So in this case the image of a family member that we see in front is also an image of the past. Not from the far past but from the near past.

Now, what’s the present?

Maybe the touch, right? If there is no light, you shall definitely try to touch that person in the dark. But do you know when you touch someone? The brain has to process the information through a vast network of neurons to make you understand it. Here also the understanding takes some time for sure. So basically, the sensation of the existence of another person is also some mini of the mini seconds old. Same with the smell or the sound.

We will definitely not get the proper explanation of the present in existential discussion but it is for sure that something exists in the present.

But what exists in present? Think and Live. Cheers!