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Quantum Physics in Upanishad and Vedanta

Quantum Science, an idea of the ancients. Vedic Quantum Physics in Upanishads and Vedanta is one of the most mysterious topics for modern scholars. Various authors have presented the...

Meditation for Students, by a top monk (Guided)

Meditation is essential for well-being, especially for Students. This article explores the ancient technique of meditation for students with expert guidance (Script Included). We talked with Dr. Phra Sirichai...

Karma Yoga, a path of selfless actions.

What is Karma Yoga? Definition. Karma Yoga is the yogic technique of union with the divine through selfless actions. These actions intend to serve society without any expectations. One...

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Astrology; myths and 3 best logical reasons

Astrology is a pseudoscience that doesn’t have substantial facts to establish it as a Science. However, astronomy and mathematics used in astrology are simply awing. We get to know about the planetary motions and complex conjunctions simplified. Traditionally, there are varieties of techniques used in astrology depending upon the role of planet or star, or […]




Brief Biography of Annamacharya In the sankeerthana copper – plates and epigraphs of Tirupati devasthanam, four cohorts of the Tallapakam family, who grew up in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries A.D., come to prominence. Tallapakam poets were Nandavarika Brahmins, including Allasani Peddanna, the graceful poet in the court of Krishnadeva Raya. Annamacharya is the first […]

2 Famous Telugu Poet: Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Indian Postage Stamp issued on 26 April 2017.


Aesthetics of wonderful devotion and divine love: Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba’s composition.

Brief Biography of Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Aesthetics in India has produced a vast array of human experiences, thoughts, values, beliefs, and pleasures. From the extreme north to the far south, Indian aesthetics and traditions are the oldest and largest. Indian aesthetic notions eventually spanned disciplines and became useful to practically all researchers and scholars in […]

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‘Dream of Nirvana’

Want to feel the happiness within, or want to understand God? Scientific Monk can help you.

You can even have self-realization or what people call a spiritual awakening. Freaked out? Just by reading, how can someone be awakened? Maybe you got stuck in the question Ahh Hhhh.

This is called ‘Jnana Yoga’, the path of Knowledge. When you keep on reading about the eternal principle which people describe as Samadhi, Nirvana, Fanna, or Theoria, you get awakened.

But wait aren’t they the concepts within different religions?

No, not actually, these concepts are higher than dogmas of the religions. This is called spirituality. We don’t believe that conversion is real stuff, if it happens, it can bind in a particular method and discipline but cannot bind for spiritual experiences. So, strictly no method is greater or smaller. A Christian can be absorbed into Nirvana, Hindu into Fanna, Muslim into Samadhi, or Buddhist into Theoria. It’s all same, absorption within ourselves or the feeling of god or god within.

Let’s categorize these in one, we call it ‘Mysticism’, this is a commonly used term.

We don’t differentiate between religions. A constructional approach is being considered to unite all from the Eastern perspective.

So, this is our niche, however, the East is the mother of mysticism so we deal more with Indian and Eastern Philosophy.