drop of water in sea an analogy

The question is what is an Urban. In my abstract understanding the urban area is an area where human settlements by its relatively greater size differ from other settlements of humans. In this sense “Urban” is a relative concept and it works as a system to combine nearby areas as a central authority. Because there … Read more

Sikhism, Conceptual Substructures

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The Punjabi word ‘Sikh’ means ‘disciple’. Those who identify themselves as Sikhs are the followers of Akal Purakh (Timeless Being). India’s youngest expanding Indigenous tradition, almost 25 million people worldwide, emerged more than five hundred years ago. The fascinating fact about Sikhism is that even though they are nearly 2 percent of the nation, their … Read more

Kanjirottu Yakshi: Blood Drinking Tale of Kerala

In every culture, there are stories about monstrous meetings especially related to travel and night. This representation can be understood as a figurative expression of the cultural anxiety of facing the unknown. In medieval Kerala, there are plenty of narratives about ‘Yakshis’ who were normally depicted as gorgeous women who are ready for sexual adventures … Read more

Ganesha: The World Traveler

Lord Ganesha

Whoever visited Japan, the city of Tokyo would have it on their bucket list. The city of Tokyo is known for many things, the word ‘toyo’ means ‘Eastern Capital’, the world’s busiest intersection, home to a robot hotel, and many more. From Central Tokyo 5 km away there is a city known as Taito. It’s … Read more

On Ontology Of Thought And Self: Reflections From J. Krishnamurti. Part-(2)

Jiddu K

Seeing “As It Is”  This is the point we are verily agnizing ourselves, not because someone said it. Such a state can’t be stagnant or concrete; instead, it’s evanescence and see-through one’s self from moment to moment. It doesn’t mean that in such a state, the mind is entirely free from all conditioning, it has … Read more

On Ontology Of Thought And Self: Reflections From J. Krishnamurti. Part-(1)

Jiddu Krishnamurthi thought

Questioning Thought And Self We all think, most of the time we are thinking about something. The thought is the phenomenon in which we identify ourselves. But, did we ever ask the question “what is thought?” which is right now going on in our mind and has an inextricable relationship with the self and being. … Read more