Society and Inner Peace

A place where we reside and work together is a society. Each member of the society has faith in God, and God is not limited to the single region. Everyone belongs to a different region and follow different practices. They offer something to God according to their capacity. When I asked a few people, why you are offering flowers, chaddars, water, milk, and many more things to the Almighty, they said to me, to attain peace. It is visible here; everyone wants peace.

The form of God is different, but the motive is single, that is peace. We are also endeavored to search God through these practices, and we also believe that God is everywhere. Religious practices bind us through the invisible bond of love, compassion, peace, and much more. But on the other side, people do these practices to fulfill their needs only, such as treasure, money, and other materialistic pursuits. Here, we need to know God’s qualities, such as to conduct, grace, patience, love, and compassion.

All who have faith in God. They know God does not divide society into different categories like race, religion, and caste. They only find peace within themselves and in God’s voice from the book. They can understand that God only makes the world, but we divided into categories like Sanatan, Islam, Sikh, Jain, Christian, and more. But all the religions spread peace only, but we are so much indulging in to show our things to another that we forget life. Showing and achieving more makes us unhappy and dissatisfied. Sometimes we feel jealous because we start comparing ourselves to another. We cannot be satisfied because of our needs. This ego leads to the division in society.

We must understand that human society is one; we all are the children of the almighty. There is only one God and one prayer. The Bible, The Hindu Puranas, the Zend-Avesta, the Torah, and the Qur’an- all these scriptures contain the word of grace only, a proper interpretation is needed to understand all. Here, I remember an incident, when I was in class 10th; I got a gift from my parents, which was wrapped by wonderful gift paper. I was so happy to see it, but couldn’t understand what did it contain? I unfolded the wrap and opened the box, and I found a book. The purport of the metaphoric story here is; when we see the things from the outer look, we cannot analyze it. The questions like ‘What does it contain?’, How it is? etc. but when we unwrapped the gift paper, we find a gift? The peace is similarly like this when we unfold our notion and dig deep with more profoundness, we find peace and self-realization. We understand all through these practices and understand the notion of peace. However, we can attain it through self only. Peace is within, and we need to understand our inner peace to achieve something from this materialistic world and live a harmonious life in society.

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