Mind and Sea

The mind is like a sea where the thoughts move continuously. The waves of the sea touch the shore continually, but every next wave eradicate the presence of the previous wave but that doesn’t mean that the existence of wave is finished. It always exists in the sea, but the overlapping of the wave makes them stronger. I connect the sea with our brain here; multiple experiences surround us. Each experience has a different impact on our lives. It includes love, force, work, pain, hope, dream, and so more. It never gets over, and every time we are experiencing a different kind of experience and experience itself, an experience. 

Experience is directly associated with the concept of mysticism. Mysticism is directly related to the self and God. It helps beings to purge the mind of all toxic emotions and helps to restore balance and harmony. The path of mysticism starts from within. It also mentions in the Sufism that if someone knows themselves, they realize God’s presence too. They understand divine love and compassion. But certainty is that many of us do not want to understand the concept of self and divine love. God is within us, but we cannot find the almighty because we are looking at God in Material form. Mysticism or Sufism connects us to deeper layers of the authentic self and helps us to explore it.

It helps us to create inner peace and understand the concept of the cosmic world. It enables an individual to purge his mind from toxic emotions and restore to it. I remember a quote; patience is the power of endurance. Patience makes our mind relax, and relaxation is the first step towards inner peace. If you feel calm, you find peace within. The sea of your thoughts gets relaxed and achieves peace through patience.

The pure form is to know God and that itself is mysticism; the more you know the self and relate it with God, the more you know God’s purest form. Mysticism is like a relationship with God through various methods in religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Islam, Christianity, and more. They always endeavor to connect self with God, and this connection gives you inner peace. This is a universal concept to know God. If I talk about the Sufi saint, who continuously remember God, the more he remembers God, the more he comes to know him and more to love him. God is like the sand of the beach, which you never count, but you know that that is sand. God is similarly like that, you know God, but you cannot limit the almighty.

God is everywhere, find him within and attain the divine peace through mysticism. It helps us to know emotions and feelings and makes us happy and satisfied. It spreads love, peace, compassion, patience, and kindness.

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