Who is a Hindu? Why it is wrong to call Hinduism as a Religion.

Let’s explore who is a Hindu? There are various people who think Hinduism could be put into the framework of religions. Believe it, Hinduism is not a religion but a collective identity of the people living below the ‘Sindhu’ river also known as Indus, and up-to-the Indian ocean. Just see the variations of usage of the tongue while saying the three words Hindu-Indus-India.

These are of the same origin, the people who lived on the other side of Sindhu River usually couldn’t pronounce the word ‘S’ so they replaced it with ‘H’. Sindhu became Hindu and further, there are more variations in the usage of the tongue, the complete evidence can be found in the Zend Avesta book of the Zoroaster culture. They call the Saraswati River, Haraxwati. We accepted the word Hindu but not Haraxwati. So please understand, Hindu is a geographical identity and not a religious identity.

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As per history, people living in our piece of land didn’t know about the concept of religions until the invaders came. The reason why invaders came was nothing but a non-understanding of the Vedic Scriptures by Indians of that time. In reality, Vedas and Upanishads are completely non-religious. They just talk about the methods of ‘Oneness’ which people were unable to grasp. So, who is a Hindu?

This is a big challenge to the ‘Post-Modernists’ who are still being used by thoughts given by Invaders. Just start reading out Ancient Indian nonreligious texts like the Vedas and Upanishads. You will find a better concept than Western Philosophy and it is not out of the prejudices but on civilizational history. These texts talk about oneness, not only in the beings but with Nature too.

What about the caste system? and why it matters to answer who is a Hindu?

The Shuktas like Purusha Shuktam says from ‘Purusha’ (not be translated as male because Vedas are not the product of patriarchy), or the consciousness of beings, the caste system was generated. However, these were just the division of society based on work which is still valid today but those who were impacted by Kali Yuga divided them based on birth.

Brahmins, the teachers, scientists, etc. who are the face of society, Kshatriyas or the Hands of the society, Vaishyas, the thighs or the people who do business, and Shudras the legs of the society who are laborers. These are the real divisions and it is naturally valid.

This is the real answer for who is a Hindu?

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