Energy as God (Opinion)

Sometimes I think, the difference between past yugas and Kaluga is the understanding of science and concept. Some people say god is nothing but energy. Once I thought about this, and I found that God can be called energy because everything that God can do, is also can be explained in terms of energy or the concept of physics. People say god can transform from one form to another, so does energy. God can mystify things, so does energy. Gods can teleport from one place to another, this too can be possible through the concept of physics (vibrations). The anger of God can burn anybody, so does the uncontrolled energy.

Also, people say God never takes birth and cannot die, so does the definition of energy-energy also cannot be created and can’t be destroyed. In ancient times, probably people didn’t know what to name for things that they can’t understand, they named it god in the west. But as the human revolution goes on and we understand the power of the brain. We started discovering terms for the things which we did not understand before. This is how God can be understood as energy.

Also for the construction of the universe in every religion, they say, in the beginning, there were just light or sound, these are also energies. The Big Bang theory, the creation of the universe can also be justified as a concept of energy. Also, as all the religions take as to the same destination.

The destination is TRANSFORMATION of a normal being to the supreme just like an energy.

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7 thoughts on “Energy as God (Opinion)”

  1. Thoughts are the messages from the soul,depending on ur sanskara and karma.thats why in meditation we need to focus on it without reacting to it.because thoughts are so sensitive that it can be affected by both positive and negative it can neither be considered as direction nor as dimensions. Actually dimensions are a whole big concept.


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