Avoiding Temptation of Biblic Satan and reaching the ultimate, a Yogic View.

It is mentioned in the Bible that after eating the forbidden fruit human would become equal to God by understanding the difference between good and bad. Now the major questions are what was that forbidden fruit and what is the fruit of life and the fruit of the holy spirit, and how it is related to spirituality, and why God didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat that fruit? There are various arguments presented by the scholars, however interpreting it in the Yogic perspective, gives a fresh idea.

The forbidden fruit is the Fruit of Intelligence. This allows humanity to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong. In the modern world, intelligence is defined as the ability to understand, learn, and think. This is the base of every human intellect and to understand how the beings learn, we must understand the basic nature of the brain. It is evident that the Brain is the most powerful part of the human body, and even modern science is unable to understand its full potential. Swami Vivekananda once said, ‘an average human only uses 10% of his brainpower’. Some Scientists consider that dolphins use 20% of their brainpower which allows them to create their own sonar waves. So, imagine the usage of 100% brain but don’t relate it with the movie ‘Lucy’

Now just look around at human beings, with this 10 percent of brain power we have made this much. We have created electricity, we have reached Moon, we have almost controlled the five elements of nature (fire, air, water, earth, space),  we have learned how to create our own clouds, we are able to create a vacuum chamber with incorporation of anti-gravity that allows to float, we have studied DNA, we have studied sub-atomic particles, we have studied human evolution and many more. All these by just by using the 10% of the brain. It’s strange isn’t it?

If the idea of 10% usage doesn’t make impact on you, just question yourself? Have I used full potential of my intelligence? The answer is no but why not?

The Indian Yogis have their own saying for the intelligence, as per various sources it is directly related to the center of energy called Sahasrara Chakra in the head. It is also called the crown chakra because it is located on the top of the head. The crown indicates the kingship or metaphorically kingship of intelligence on everything. The Sahasrara is described as a lotus flower with 1,000 petals of different colors. These petals are arranged in 20 layers, each layer with approximately 50 petals. It is said to be the subtlest chakra in the system, relating to pure consciousness. When a Yogi is able to raise his/her kundalini (energy of consciousness) up to this point, the state of Nirvana is experienced, this gives ecstasy of eating the fruit of the holy spirit and absorbs within God.

However, all these can only be achieved through spirituality, by practicing Yoga as well as Mediation. In Bible, the method is called Hesychasm which is to be deep in prayers and to contemplate on them with all emotions which creates tears, in Quran, it is Murāqabah or the meditation itself which teaches you to reflect on your actions. We can discuss all these things later on but the ultimate thing is the same that is activation of Kundalini which is the energy of life and energy of immortal feelings. People should never leave the methods which they are practicing, it is the essence of ultimate intelligence and absorbing within the self which makes a person, God. So maybe the time was not correct and God didn’t want them to eat, this only can be a logical reason because every method takes a lot of time but the core is the same. As Kabir says,

मैं तो तेरे पास में ।

ना तीरथ में ना मूरत में, ना एकांत निवास में ।

ना मंदिर में, ना मस्जिद में, ना काबे कैलाश में

ना मैं जप में, ना मैं तप में, ना मैं व्रत उपास में ।

ना मैं क्रिया क्रम में रहता, ना ही योग संन्यास में

नहीं प्राण में नहीं पिंड में, ना ब्रह्माण्ड आकाश में ।

ना मैं त्रिकुटी भवर में, सब स्वांसो के स्वास में

खोजी होए तुरत मिल जाऊं एक पल की ही तलाश में ।

I am near you.
Neither in Murath, nor in idol, nor in solitude.
Neither in the temple, nor in the mosque, nor in the Kailash
I am not in chanting, neither I am doing penance, nor I am in fast worship.
Neither I remain in action, nor in yoga practice
Not in life, not in the body, nor in the cosmic sky.
Neither in Trikuti Bhavar, even if you look within your breath,
I can be found there only, there is no need to search anywhere.

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10 thoughts on “Avoiding Temptation of Biblic Satan and reaching the ultimate, a Yogic View.”

  1. We need for article like this…..
    Now a days people are getting blind they are ignoring basic common logic….
    They are lossing there mind…

  2. Lucid gist of jnana yoga. Upnishad are said to be core source of jnana yoga. You being avid reader of this jnana yoga. Please, attempt to write article mentioning Principle to attain ultimate intelligence/reality, which are mentioned in Upanishads.

    • Sailesh in today’s era it is almost impossible to attain intelligence through janana yoga because janana yoga gives three folds to attain intelligence that is shravana(hearing), manana (thinking), and meditation. And to attain this one has to find a Guru who can teach these things and show the way.in today’s words it’s very difficult or say almost impossible to find a Guru who is a practitioner of janana yoga. Instead of that there are also other ways that can be implemented that is karma yoga(as mentioned in geeta),raaj yoga (Vivekananda’s way),kriya yoga(paramhansa YOGANANDA’s way), bhakti yoga(meera,s way),or gyaan yoga(buddha,s way).
      The destination is one, the paths are different, so now it’s upon you which path you would like to go.

  3. To eat forbidden fruit, I guess we have to grow it by the seed of thaughts and understanding and poring meditation as water 🙂 loved your article waiting for next.


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