Religion an Asset when Scientific and a Liability when Blind.

The Concept of my God is better then yours is the biggest threat to humanity today. Belief systems or religions have convinced people that God is an external physical entity and their God is the only true God. Commandments have been forced and you have to abide by it without questioning it’s authenticity, practicality, or scientificity.

When you say my way ( religion) is the only right way, the conflict starts right there. This conflict of ideologies later manifests in physicality in the form of Fanaticism and Terrorism. Hundred of wars have happened in the world all because of this ignorance and misconception, right from Historic Crusades, Islamic Caliphate Wars, Soviet- US Taliban War in Afghanistan, Modern middle Eastern Wars, the Moplah genocide in Pre Independent India, and the politically motivated small religion-based conflicts happening in India today. What’s common in all these wars ?? Blind Belief/Faith. People are fooled to a belief that their god is the only true God and others are misled. This imaginary god has guaranteed to them a place in materialistic heaven where they will get materialistic rewards for being in the religion that they are in today. It’s absurd that a simple question doesn’t arise to people as to how a soul can enjoy materialistic pleasures when the body is buried under the earth? The soul is just energy, how does it enjoy pleasures without a body ?? The religious leaders and other vested interests like politicians feed on the ignorance of these people and promise them a fantastic Afterlife.

Special rewards are reserved for the ones who convert ‘disbelievers’ or the people who don’t subscribe to their faith in their fold. It is this greed of heaven and fear of hell which compels people to do various religiously motivated crimes, with no guilt or regrets. People are willing to sacrifice even their life without hesitation to get a ticket to this imaginary materialistic heaven. Such people are becoming the biggest threat to humanity and the planet as they don’t know they are wrong, they think they are on the right path, the Gods paths. Its high time we wake up, educate them, and question such narrow belief systems. A culture that doesn’t question it’s Gods will never evolve. As you evolve your God also should. The politicians and the religious leaders will never do so as it will be a big loss to them if the true purpose of religion is discovered by people and they won’t be able to use people as puppets anymore.

If at all any big war happens in the future, it will be because of this blindness propagated by Religions. Countries driven by these religious belief systems could well bring us to a point of Nuclear Threshold. It would lead to mass destruction and the planet will reach a point of no return just for someone’s greed to be part of materialistic heaven. Are we going to allow this to happen when humanity hasn’t still realized even its purpose?? Are we ready to pay such a heavy price for someone else’s ignorance??

So Religion needs to be debated and put to the test of time and science. It needs to be seen if the religion is doing the job it needs to do i.e. raise Human Consciousness or is it just creating a divide in humanity, turning people into Religious Fanatics ?? The world will know peace only when we start to explore things that UNITE various religions which are always ignored as it would be a threat to the various Institutions/ Organizations of religion, their Political Allies, and other vested interests which gains from these divisions. Only when these money-hungry Institution’s/ Organizations which feed on fear greed and divisions collapse, the world will know peace and the opportunistic vested interests can’t use people as a tool to propagate their primitive ideas and fight their proxy wars anymore. Religion can then get back to its true spiritual nature and serve it’s purpose freely.

Education on this Technology of God is the need of the hour. Methods may vary but the destination is always the same i.e. raising human consciousness and understanding the Truth of Reality (god). The Pursuit of God or higher truth is something personal it cannot be organized or institutionalized and forced upon people. How can a religion for an individual be decided from birth?? People should be free to choose for Themselves which path fits their mentality. The religion which doesn’t provide FREEDOM and enslaves people into dogmas and doctrines is against the very ideas of the Wise Enlightened Men who were the founders of these religions. The idea of these enlightened men was to make people operate from a higher nondualistic existence of raised perception so that humanity becomes an asset to the world by living above materialistic tendencies like greed, ego, ignorance, lust, anger, etc. That’s what is ‘Second Coming ‘ according to the Bible and Quoran. That’s what is ‘The Rise of Kalki Avatar ‘ in Hindu and Buddhist texts. It won’t come as a separate physical entity, it needs to rise from within and destroy not the world outside but the inner negative mental tendencies like greed, ego, lust, ignorance, etc. When this happens humanity will attain the Kingdom of God, Heaven, Jannat, or Ram Rajya very much here, not elsewhere in some imaginary place.

If we desire such a peaceful and prosperous world in the future religion needs to be debated. Scholars and scientists need to sit together and discuss the role of religion in modern times. It needs to be properly Interpreted. Religion has a deeper role to play in the future. It has to work side but side with science and guide us into a better future. It’s time religion becomes responsible and starts doing what it was meant to do i.e. raise human awareness and consciousness and adopt a scientific approach. We are reaching a point in time when both science and religion need each other to understand the nature of reality and the functioning of the cosmos better and sustainably harness from it. We are already short of resources and the time is ticking away. Competition for these resources is creating unnecessary conflicts all around the world which will only worsen in the future.

Science cannot box itself like a belief system anymore. It needs to start studying the vast non-physical domain. For now, science only understands 5% ( physical )of the universe the remaining 95 %(non-physical) is still a mystery which science calls Dark Matter and Dark Energy, same for the atoms, maximum of which is made up of space. Modern scientists are coming to the realization that this space is the actual material. The Matrix of Matter. Even a tiny atomic space has so much energy that it can supply our planet for thousands of years. This is what Nikola Tesla wanted. This understanding could lead us to harness this endless supply of natural energies that exist in a non-physical domain and bring it to use rather than relying on unnaturally methods of power generation which disturb the planet’s ecological balance.

Not only this, but it can also lead to other advanced technological possibilities like Teleportation, Interplanetary Travel through Wormholes, Quantum Sound Healing, Time Travel, etc. Epigenetics today is proving that the non-coding 98% DNA which wasn’t understood and termed as “junk DNA ” Is actually full of information. This 98% percent DNA isn’t involved in protein synthesis So what does it do?? The answer can be found when science gets spiritual and subjective. We need to think in terms of energy, not particle Caz particle or physicality is just an illusion. The reality is something else. It’s present in every atom, in a potential Unrealized form. This is exactly what the ancient texts explain. Sadly we still haven’t understood the science of it, which has prevented us from creating technologies out of it. So even science needs to broaden itself and become more Subjective with the help of the real concepts of religion rather than being Objective so that we can explore and understand reality better and use it for the betterment of life on the planet. Certain things, in reality, can’t be understood with logic, you need experience. Today Quantum Physics is proving to us how in the quantum level reality changes when you try to measure it with our intellect. So deeper innate reality has to be experienced. Modern Science has to become subjective with the help of religion or science of spirituality(Meditation /Yoga)

As Albert Einstein famously said, “Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind”. One of the greatest tragedies of our times is religion has to be in conflict with science. Its high time we bridge this gap. We need this to happen now more than ever so that we can save humanity and planet earth and make a quantum leap into the future in a sustainable manner.

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