Love, weapon, or life?

I will kill you; you will hear this phrase often. Most of the time, when a person is either angry or happy, this is common. But it doesn’t mean that a person will kill him or her. Love is a kind of emotion that they show towards their loved ones. As we are residing in a diverse society where we are interconnected and have a different faith. However, we all follow the path of love because every religion and each person in the world wants love. Whatever they are doing, the final destination is to achieve love. 

Love has a profound meaning, and we cannot measure it through our experiences. Every person feels it according to their need and understands and shows according to individual capacity. Many people relate love with things such as Sea, Sky, Soul, waves, and much more, and on the other hand, people relate love with their loved ones, such as to whom they love most, whom they don’t want to miss them in entire life. Similarly, some people relate love with the part of the bodies such as eyes, body, and many things. 

Ironically, some of the beings relate love with the weapon. When we hear weapons, we do not feel comfortable because we describe weapons as dangerous substances such as knife, gun, and stick. But I believe that love the greatest weapon to win the heart. Love is the weapon which never hurts the beings. Additionally, it creates a bond of right relationship and honesty. In love, you can share your experience with loved ones confidently and make a relationship more vital and profound. 

I remember an old song, Vo kya hai. In this song, the woman is blind, and her lover is not blind. In this song, her lover shows the things through his eyes and relates it with her attire, and this song beautifully depicted real love. Love is not to categorize an individual through the outer world; it is within. We should find that weapon of love to see the world with new lenses and spread the fragrance of love and peace in the world.

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