What happens after death?

After death, a physical body starts decomposing in humans and others. In religious philosophies like Hinduism, Bible, Islam, Judaism, or Christianity, the soul either rest or travel to another world. In this article, we explore what happens to death as per different religions and what science says about death and the afterlife.

After death in Hinduism.

As per Hinduism life after death is explained through different understandings as per different philosophies. After death, the soul enjoys or suffers based on Karma done in the whole life. Hinduism is not a single religion; it is a collection of practices ranging from nationalistic identity to different religions within a similar framework. In Hinduism, Karma is believed on the highest level. It is, whatever you give you achieve. There are three types of Karma, you can see our previous article to know more about Karma. Also, you can read more from our other article on the soul after 13 days as per Garuda Purana.

after death angel depiction

After death as per Bible and Christianity

As per Christianity, after death soul waits for final judgment in deep sleep. When Judgement day happens, each soul will be judged on suitability to live an eternal life. There is another belief where souls are taken to temporary heaven or hell based on goods and bad done in life. This happens until the last judgment day.

After death in Judaism.

As per Judaism, after death soul returns to the creator. However, there is also a concept of Judgement day in Judaism. Good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished.  Earlier Jewish literature suggests there is a dark place called Sheol, where the souls go after death. There is also a belief that there will be a resurrection of good souls.

After death in Islam.

As per Islam, life after death is called Akhirah. Every soul remains in the grave until the final judgment day comes. Those who have done good deeds enter the heavens and those who have done bad deeds enter hell. This will all be done in accordance with Allah’s wish.

What happens after death to the body?

Are you scared of what happens after death? If you follow science you will never be afraid, it is because till now there are no proofs of life after death as per Science. The body is slowly decomposed by microorganisms until the perfect skeleton remains. Maybe in the distant future, some archeologists will dig into the graves to find the skeletons just like they found that of Dinosaurs. It’s better to enjoy life with compassion and goodwill. This is both good for Religion and Science.

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