Soul after 13 days post-death and facts of Atma’s Journey.

Soul after 13 days starts its real journey. In this article, we shall explore the mystery of the soul and how Atma leaves the body. People often ask for an auspicious date for death. However, there are no such dates.

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1. What happens to the Soul after 13 days?

In Hinduism, the mystery of death is described in Garuda Purana. There is a ritual for 13 days after the death of a person. Sons of the deceased or in the absence of sons the nearest relatives perform the rituals. The soul is a matter of consciousness, however, as per the Puranas, the real journey of the soul begins after 13 days. Let’s see more in detail.

In Shreemad Bhagawat Gita, it is mentioned that after the death of a person, he/she has to undergo new bodily formations. It is to maintain the cosmic law of Karma.

The dead gets different lokas, or the planes as per the Karma done in a lifetime. The keepers of Yama Loka, the realm of God of death are responsible for the locomotion of the souls from one realm to the other. It is said that it takes one year for the soul to do complete locomotion to another world. The year is actually, the divine day and night of the Gods as per Hinduism.

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2. The food for the Soul after 13 days.

Energy is one of the major components of the body. However, due to bodily attachments, the soul is attached to interpersonal relationships. It takes around 13 days to detach and move forward with the keepers of Yama Loka. During these thirteen days, pinda (riceballs) are offered through the rituals so that food is gathered for the journey of the soul after 13 days. This journey is painful for the soul.

Pinda, the food for the soul.
Pinda, the food for the soul/

3. Journey of the Soul.

As per Hinduism, after the rituals for the Soul, after 13 days it starts traveling to various other places. Due to continuous Pinda offerings, the soul starts developing a new body which helps in travel. The Gate Keepers of the Yama Loka are believed to be ruthless so the Pinda helps the soul tackle the torture of the Keepers. Astounding isn’t it?

4. It takes one year to reach another world.

Till one year the soul keeps on traveling, be it 40 or 45, or 47 days till the final Pinda is offered after the one year. This one year is the day-night of the Devtas. The soul completes the journey and reaches some other world where he/she is supposed to enjoy/suffer based on the Karmas. Good people reach the higher realms, and bad people reach the lower realms. Although, Karma is fructified in any manner.

soul freed from the attachment.

5. What happens to Soul after 13 days for Akal Mrityu?

Akal Mrityu or the death before the time is one of the common concepts in Hinduism. A death is classified as Akal Mrityu, if a person does suicide or dies by accidents including fire, water, etc. As per the Bhagawat Gita person suffers more after death by suicide. It is like disrespect for the creator if someone does this.

The journey of the soul never takes place if the body dies on the basis of Akal Mrityu. It certainly has to live the lifetime associated with the earth. The journey supposed to happen for the soul after 13 days starts after it lives in the form of bhuta, pischacha, brahmarakshasa, or chudel etc. or the ghosts for the lifetime assigned.

death valley for the soul
Death Valley

6. Soul of the people who leave their body through Meditation.

While discussing the soul after 13 days, it is very much important to know what happens to the soul after one leaves the body through meditation. There are various Yogis who leave the body in meditation. This is considered to be the easiest death for a person.

The cosmic body is already formed in an individual who practices meditation, probably there is no need for the keepers of Yama Loka. Cosmic beings come to pick up the soul in their vehicle to take them to their worlds. It is one of the best forms of death, so there is no need to be afraid of the death and journey of the soul after 13 days if one is immersed in meditation. Below is the image clicked at the last moment when a Buddhist monk named Khenpo Acho left his body( claimed). However, leaving a body is a simple process for advanced yogis.

khenpo acho buddhist monk

7. How Atma Leaves the body?

There are Dasa Dvar, (10 Gates), Seven Primary Chakras, and three major Nadis in our body. A major part of our consciousness lies in the Primary Chakras. However, the consciousness sticks inside the 9 major doors, they are holes of both of your excretory organs, a hole in the belly, two holes in the nose, two eyes, one mouth, and Brahmarandhra. Your prana is all around the doors, chakras, and nadis due to Vyana Vayu. Wherever the Prana is collected from there the soul leaves the body. It can be any energy center.

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For how many days soul stay after death in Hinduism?

After death, the soul stays for around 360 days i.e. one lunar year wandering around. This is why after the 1st year there is a separate ritual where Pinda is offered for final departure.

How to calculate the 13th day after death?

The 13th day after death is calculated while considering the 1st day as the day of death.