Lessons from Alluri Sitaram Raju, an essay

Alluri Sitaram Raju was born in Mogallu, in the West Godavari District in 1897. He studied till 5th class at various schools. Alluri was not a bright school student. However, his approach towards learning spirituality and Indian Philosophy was remarkable. At Narasapur he developed a keen interest in Indian Culture. Alluri’s interest areas were Astrology, Medicine, Horse Riding, etc. His inclination towards indigenous learning made him a Sanyasi (Hermit) at the age of 18. 

He established an illustrious connection with Nature giving him the ability to tame the wild animals. Taming wild animals need great compassion towards them. This becomes possible due to the non-dual vision of man towards Nature. Due to his united thought processes and skills, he could also connect with the people with compassion.

Alluri was able to attract the masses through his skills and knowledge. People from nearby his area had given him the status of Devudu (Diety) because of his spiritual knowledge and surrounding myths. Apart from these, he was an advocate of freedom and struggle. 

Alluri played a part in India’s freedom struggle as a local hero. The tribal people in the Rampa region of Andhra Pradesh where he belonged followed the system of Podu (slash and burn agriculture). This traditional cultivation method was hindered. It was because authorities under the British Government took control of the forests. This was for commercial purposes to develop resources for building railways and ships. British Government had ignored the needs of the tribal people. Alluri took the path of rebellion against the monopoly of the British Government and exploitative control of the natural forest resources. 

Due to his charismatic spiritual personality, he attracted the tribal people and started the revolt. The revolt began with the looting of the police stations at Chintapalle, Krishna Devi Peta, and Rajavommangi by a group of 500 people led by him. From this rebellion, Alluri gained possession of guns and ammunition. The participation in the freedom struggle increased multifold from the locals. The British Government also struggled in their pursuit to capture him. However, Alluri was captured and tied to a tree. British government officials shot him until his soul left his body. Today, local people recognize him as Manyam Veerudu (hero of the jungle). He is an unsung hero of India’s freedom struggle. There is a lot to learn from his vision and mission. Starting from the man’s connection with nature to the unity of freedom and struggle. His true vision needs to be brought to the present in order to free ourselves from modern problems. 

Lessons from Alluri Sitarama Raju.

The vision of the future has to be made while learning from the past. Alluri’s idea of the non-duality of Man and Nature will help the world to get rid of many problems. However, there is a need for solving intermediate problems of the World. One of the major problems that the world is facing is Climate Change.

Due to the increase in temperature, the glaciers are getting melted, there is the formation of glacial lakes, migration of birds, uncertain weather patterns, and extreme weather events. Our India was a superpower with the highest GDP in the world for almost 3000-4000 years of recorded history. However, we never gave the world the unwanted gift of Climate Change. From Indus Valley Civilization until the British came, India was a global economic superpower but there was a balance between development and environmental conditions. It is because for us man has been always a part of Nature. We pray to nature as the mother goddess and the glaciers of the Himalayas to be the wife of the great God.

We had the non-dual vision which made us Sustainably Developed in the past. We have to teach the world about Sustainable Development through our indigenous knowledge.

We need to understand Climate Change and the need for the vision of non-duality of nature and man like Alluri did. There is no doubt that India has been better at handling the climate crisis. However, we have to try to adopt sustainable technologies through proper research and development. This problem can be solved only if we unite the world towards a proper action. Only we the Indians can make this happen. We need to attract people across the world through the Skills of Advaita like that of Alluri. 

At present India has great potential for Solar, Wind, and Hydro energy. The ministry of new and Renewable Energy is promoting utilization of the use of these energies through various schemes. The use of renewable energy is very much essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the burning of fossil fuels, there is a generation of harmful greenhouse gases. We must start switching to electric cars, start saving water, and most importantly respect nature. We must be in line with the vision of the Government of India to bring a sustainable future for India. Our Nation also has the potential for nuclear power. Due to the coordination of our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and scientists like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and intelligence officers India became officially a nuclear state in 1997. Nuclear Energy is the best alternative to fossil fuels. We need more scientists and engineers and more importantly, all should be Karma Yogis. 

Karma Yoga is the best idea for the modern world. We the Youths of India should follow Karma Yoga by having self-less actions to Nature. Although, to create action there is a need for the development of the skills. The Youths of our country have to follow the path of Karma Yoga by developing natural skills. It is very much essential to understand the natural talent within us. This is only possible through an internal connection with our true nature. Alluri fought against the British for the unity of nature and man, we need to fight with human greed to protect nature itself. There are many methods to achieve this goal.