10 Goddess Lakshmi Quotes For Fulfilling Your Wishes.

Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of the heavenly god Vishnu. She is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Here are the best Goddess Lakshmi Quotes for fulfilling your wishes.

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Goddess Lakshmi Quotes with Image.

1 Sri is Non-Moving, All-Pervasive and the Underlying Essence of All Beauty. Devi Lakshmi as the Embodiment of Sri is thus Non-Moving in Her essential nature

2 By Lakshmi’s Presence will Come Near me the Companions of the Devas along with Glory, Inner Prosperity and various Jewels And I will be reborn in the Realm of Sri.

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Goddess Lakshmi Quote in English

3 I offer my obeisances unto the Goddess who is the abode of lotuses, who holds the lotus, whose eyes resemble the petals of a lotus, whose face is a lotus, and who is dear to the Lord who has a lotus navel.

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Goddess Laxmi Quote 3 in English

4 O goddess, freedom from bodily ailments, riches, destruction of enemies, and happiness are not difficult to attain for persons who view your glances

Laxmi Quotes in English

5 I take Refuge at Her Feet, Who Abides in the Lotus; By Her Grace, let the Alakshmi in the form of Evil, Distress, and Poverty be Destroyed.

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Goddess Lakshmi Quotes Without Images.

1 O you whose abode is the chest of Vishnu, if you forsake me, neither sons, nor friends, nor animals, nor ornaments can be mine

2 Prosperity is the external manifestation of Sri and is therefore pleased when Sri is Invoked

3 Men are endowed with wives, sons, houses, friends, grain and wealth due to your constant glance

4 Lakshmi is the purifier of all, if she forsakes us, neither our treasures, nor our cows, nor our houses, nor our possessions, nor our bodies, nor our wives, are secure.

5 Oh Lakshmi,  Drive Away the Wretchedness and Ill-Fortune from My House.