Vishwakarma, lord of the world.

Vishwakarma is also known as Tvastr in the Vedas. Vishwa is the world and Karma is the natural order. So the direct meaning is ‘natural order of the world. In pictures, Vishwakarma is shown as a man with beards. However, there is a metaphysical meaning associated with his form and the stories presented. It is said that he made Indra’s bolt (Vajra) and he is the protector of Soma.

Indra’s Bolt (Vajra): Vajra is often said to be thunder, however in human life, it is about the firmness of the spirit and its power. Being fearless like Vajra matters in life.

Protector of Soma: Soma is the holy drink or the nectar in Vedas, however in real life it has a lot to do with your inner satisfaction. Vishwakarma or the Natural Order of the World itself is the protector of your satisfaction. When you are in order and follow the rules of Nature and the World, your satisfaction is always protected.