Brahmastra Weapon, the myth of being powerful.

Brahmastra weapon has been frequently mentioned in various Puranas and ithihihasas like Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, there is a myth surrounding the Brahmastra being the most powerful weapon. The fact is the opposite as the Brahmastra weapon is not the most powerful weapon in the world as per the Hindu culture. Let’s see the description of Brahmastra.

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Brahmastra Weapon

Brahmastra is a deadly weapon that when provoked has the ability to create high-intensity energy with fire. It blazes up with fire reaching out in different directions. The flames and thunder strike the places which it touches. The earth shivers to cause damage to the vegetation and water bodies. It lights up the sky like a permanent thunderstorm. The noise of Brahmastra is very unpleasant.

Do you know that in Ramayana when Lord Rama became angry at the ocean king Sagara because he didn’t respond to him on an important situation? Lord Rama had to create a way to Lanka to get his wife back from the demon king Ravana. His anger led him to call a weapon similar to Brahmastra. When the Sagara observed this, he tried to stop Rama. However, being born in Raghu’s dynasty, Rama never let his weapon down once it is put on the bow. This led Rama to discharge the weapon to the northern side. This created a desert that is commonly known as the Thar Desert in Rajasthan.

Brahmastra Weapon Mandala

In Krishna’s avatar, he stopped Brahmastra from being hit in the womb of Uttara, the mother of Parikshit. However, the question is how Brahmastra can be controlled.

One obvious answer is the use of more powerful ashtras than the Brahmastra. Before going through it let’s know the Brahmastra weapon mantra.

Brahmastra Weapon Mantra with meaning.

‘ॐ नमो ब्रह्माय नमः । स्मरण मात्रेण प्रकटय प्रकटय, शीघ्रं आगच्छ आगच्छ, मम सर्वशत्रु नाशय नाशय, शत्रु सैन्यं नाशय नाशय, घातय घातय, मारय मारय हुं फट्’

o namo brahmay namah smaran matren prakatay prakatay, sheeghram  aagachch aagachch, mama sarvashatru nasay naashay, shatru senyam nashya nashya ghatay ghataya marya marya hum phat’

Meaning: Divine praise to Brahma, the creator. Let Brahmastra come when invoked through mind, Let it come faster so that it destroys all my enemies.

This mantra can also be used to absorb negative energies and reflect only positive energies everywhere.

Lord Brahma and Bramastra Weapon

Other variants of Brahmastra Weapon.

These ashtras are named Brahmashira ashtra and Brahmadanda. These ashtras have an ability to act as counter ashtras. In addition to the above description of Brahmastra, the Brahmashira ashtra has an ability to create hundreds and thousands of meteors falling to the earth.

Coming to the Brahmadanda. It is not a usual weapon. This is just a stick that Yogi used to carry. Due to intense meditation. Yogis channel the energy to the Brahmadanda, which in turn becomes the greatest of the weapon and the greatest of the shields.

Do you know? Once the great sage Viswamitra tried to use Brahmastra Weapon against sage Vashista. However, it was immediately controlled by Brahmadanda

In Yoga, Brahmadanda is none other than the spinal cord. You read it right.

The energy centers or the chakras lie in the spinal cord. When Yogis meditate the energy channelizes automatically thus making these energy centers active.

Lord Krishna was an accomplished Yogi, he had activated all his energy centers which was a major reason why he was able to control the Brahmastra so easily.

So, which is the most powerful ashtra as per the Hindu culture?

It is none other than Brahmadanda because unlike Brahmastra weapon and Brahmashira asthra which require a perfected being to handle it, Brahmadanda is the weapon that is made in the process of being perfect itself. However, it can be used only the individuals who have harnessed internal peace through meditation.