Meditation and Mindfulness, Meditation for positive thinking, and 3 best Mindfulness experience.

The terms Meditation and Mindfulness are used elsewhere. However, these two have a great relationship. Here we got for you the best meditation techniques for positive thinking and the best Mindfulness experience from expert practitioners. This will also help you in positive affirmation meditation and mindfulness. Here is a soothing sound of nature and a Tibetan singing bowl. You can play the video after reading the techniques of Meditation and Mindfulness from below. If you have doubt, you can contact these experts directly from the contact page, don’t worry we won’t charge money.

Five-way Formula of Amit for Meditation and Mindfulness with Meditation for Positive Thinking.

Amit has 12+ years of experience in Yoga, Mysticism, and Meditation. His positive affirmation meditation with advanced Yogic techniques is the secret of his healthy life. Along, with meditation, he is also into the fitness world. Who doesn’t want 6 pack abdomen? He got that too. Amit has a ‘Black Belt’ in Karate Martial Arts. Now, that’s what we call a perfect and fit life. You can follow his author profile at Scientific Monk and contact him through the contact page.

When asked on how he manages to be healthy and happy at same time he said.

Many of us always want to be happy and healthy but none of us want to step out of our comfort zone. But I always follow the secret of success that our great legend Bruce Lee left for us”



He is the practitioner of yoga and meditation; he has his own secret healing technique. This can also be said as meditation for positive thinking and meditation for positive affirmation. Probably a great combination of Meditation and mindfulness. He has his own mindfulness experience. He uses it for all daily life problems, whether it is a Headache, Or Depression, Or Family Tension, Or Indigestion, Or Migration, Or Any Other Daily Life Body Related Problem.

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He says “the key is breathing” and shares his five-way formula for Meditation and Mindfulness followed by Meditation for positive thinking and his Mindfulness experience. These will also help with positive affirmation meditation.

Meditation and Mindfulness for positive thinking, a five-way formula of Amit.

  1. “Every time you feel unwell just sit in SUKHASANA or PADMASANA and relax your body. Given below are the pictures of Amit practicing these postures.
  2.  Take a deep breath by focusing on your upper part of the nose and fill up your stomach with air. Exhale out through the mouth slowly. Repeat this process 5 times.
  3.  Let your body be calm and loose. Start by concentrating on your skull, then your jaws, your teeth, your tongue, the lower part of your nose, upper part of your nose, your hairs, your cheekbones, then come to your neck, your voice box, your shoulders, your upper chest, your inner chest, your lower chest, them to your arms, your fingers, each and every joint of the hands, then come down to your waist, your upper back, your lower back, your backbone, your hips. Focusing on your calf muscle, your knees, your feet and relax.
  4. Now try to scan your own breathing with concentration, it will make you more relaxed and calmer than ever before.
  5. For positive affirmation, meditation and mindfulness, assume everything that hurts your body is going out through every breath you exhale out of your body. You yourself are the source of infinite happiness. You are boundless. The time stops in your breath. You are the creator of your own universe. Your every breath creates a new universe inside you.

Learn about these two asanas from Here.

When you give time to this process for half an hour from your daily life. Certainly, miracles will happen. Ancient yogis always knew this secret of meditation and mindfulness that’s why they say ‘health is wealth’. The secret of health and being a mystic are all related to BREATHING TECHNIQUES. You can control each and everything when you know how to control your breath. In the same technique lies the secret to reaching Nirvana.

Ajit and his secret of Mindfulness and Meditation for being positive and happy.

It is very difficult to define the term Mindfulness, but we all try to understand it as meditation. Sometimes, people define it as an awareness of thoughts and feelings. These Feelings include bodily sensations and daily life experiences. When we do mindfulness, we try to understand the mistakes which we had done in the past and which cannot be repeated in the future. It helps to imagine the future and sensing the present moment.

Ajit after Meditation and Mindfulness, His Mindfulness experience

Ajit believes that Mindfulness is all about acceptance. He always pays attention to his thoughts and feeling by not judging another person with prejudice. It enhances the capacity of thinking and sensation towards thoughts and feelings. He is a vipassana practitioner; trained in Vipassana and has great mindfulness experiences. You can read his articles from here and contact him directly through the contact page.

He says “When I was practicing meditation and mindfulness at Vipassana Centre. I found a very fascinating thing, I was aware of my feelings and sensation. It increased my sensational power and I was more aware of my senses and thoughts. Sometimes people relate mindfulness with meditation, but we need to know these two are not synonymous”.

So here is the Key. “Be aware of what you do”.

In today’s time, people are quite busy with their work. These fuels stress every day. We cannot endeavor to think about our sensations and feelings. Sometimes we are surrounded by negative thoughts, but we cannot understand that easily and we ignore those thoughts which proceed us towards enormous stress and negative thoughts.

Here comes a quote for you.

“No Meditation, No Life. Know Meditation, know life”


While talking about Meditation Ajit says, being aware itself is a connection between meditation and mindfulness.

This helps to understand the real situation of life and understand their feelings enormously. It creates peace in the mind and generates new thoughts in a positive way. This itself is his Meditation for positive thinking which gives a great Mindfulness experience and provides a relation between meditation and mindfulness.

He further emphasizes healing. Ajit affirms Mindfulness has always worked as a medicine, from ancient times. According to Indian literature, the sages practiced meditation to gain higher spiritual powers. They eradicate the negative sensations by understanding the relation between meditation mindfulness. We see the concept of Mindfulness or mediation in Buddhism. Buddhism explains Nirvana through meditation. The Lord Buddha attained Nirvana through the understanding of reality and meditation helps to understand reality.

The reality means absolute truth which gives mindfulness”.

Ajit says “Mindfulness makes you rise above your emotions by wisdom, the mind becomes free, happy and joyful and understands the absolute truth i.e. the life that is death. This will lead to tranquility and purification of the mind”.

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Disclaimer: The meditation and mindfulness practices are advised to be performed under the supervision of accomplished instructors.

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