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Author: Ajit Kumar

What is life? This is a very complex question, which we cannot even understand. We are just doing regular things and nothing else. Life goes on and on and it never stops. When it stops, you stop, the whole world stops at that speed because you are not alive to re-live that moment, you die […]

Life is full of enormous events and it contains multiple things together. It includes happiness, love, compassion, peace, festival, life, death, self-introspection, realization, and much more. And each thing makes life beautiful and calm and events make life joyous and pious. In life, festivals play a vital role. Each religion has its own festivals and […]

Life is a continuous process; We cannot stop it on our own. You can stop it when you feel that you are nothing to others and you have taken steps to kill yourself. It is not a good step to do with your body because you will certainly die one day. Also, if you take […]

Dance is a form of expression through movement. In, reality, without movement, it is not possible. This includes multiple movements, of the body and expression. When we are dancing, we forget all the pains end sufferings, we only enjoy that moment. Dance is not only giving you immense pleasure and peace but it is illustrating […]

India is the place where multiple cultures reside together, and the culture is all connected with the Indian railways. Indian railways are one of the biggest railways in the world. The Indian railways are not only working in India, they are also supporting nearby countries through their rail networks such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. […]

I will kill you; you will hear this phrase often. Most of the time, when a person is either angry or happy, this is common. But it doesn’t mean that a person will kill him or her. Love is a kind of emotion that they show towards their loved ones. As we are residing in […]

A place where we reside and work together is a society. Each member of the society has faith in God, and God is not limited to the single region. Everyone belongs to a different region and follow different practices. They offer something to God according to their capacity. When I asked a few people, why […]

The mind is like a sea where the thoughts move continuously. The waves of the sea touch the shore continually, but every next wave eradicate the presence of the previous wave but that doesn’t mean that the existence of wave is finished. It always exists in the sea, but the overlapping of the wave makes […]