Chitragupta and Yamaraja, 2 great tales of hidden images

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Chitragupta and Yamaraja are the duos who look for the afterlife in Hinduism. Do you know? They have deep metaphysical significance. In this unique article, we discuss a deep aspect of Chitragupta God and Lord Yama.

The meaning of the word “Chitragupta” is hidden images. He is also known by the name Kayastha. Chitragupta is believed to be the direct descendent of Brahma. Yamaraja is the son of Surya or the Aditya (Sun). He is also known by the names Yama dharamaraja or simply Yama.

Word ‘Yama’ is the mantra of the heart chakra called Anahata. So, the meaning of Yamaraja in a metaphysical tale is the ruler of the heart chakra. This chakra signifies the order of the body. The activation of Anahata means you are now unharmed, protected by the Yamaraja.

Sounds, impractical and unscientific right? But wait, it has practical implications too. Let’s see how this applies in modern life?

Have you ever thought about how our brain records daily activities like eating, sleeping, meeting friends, etc.? Our brain records everything as mental images that are visualized each time when we do something. For example, if you cook the food you know how to cut the veggies, how to taste the cooked food, how to lift the food by hand, and so on.

Your brain recalls the memory of your experiences and learning from the past and tells you the procedure to cut the veggies, tasting food, and so on. So, basically, it’s all about hidden memories within our subconscious mind. The recorded data is Chitragupta whose meaning is hidden images and Yamaraja forces it to manifest in the present life.

In another example, you can think of the face of your loved one. You obviously get the sense of some moving images with some feelings inside the heart, this is our past. Do they vanish automatically? Maybe no, because some deep memories manifest continuously because we want to go to that past. It either means we are not happy with the present; we are missing something or we may have missed something in the past. Majorly these are regrets of the present and the past that hampers our present.

Hidden memories, past life, chitragupta and yamaraja

So, when we set up an analogy, we understand when all of these hidden images manifest?

It’s our Anahata Chakra or the Yamaraja that knows automatically when should it manifest with the help of Chitragupta (hidden memories). In our first example, it manifested when you were preparing the food. In the second example, maybe it manifested because we were looking similar scene in the video song or a movie.

Here is an analogy of Draupadi and Karna’s previous birth.

After death aspect of Chitragupta and Yamaraja Maharaj.

Hinduism sees life after death as a reality. Chitragupta Bhagawan, Yama Dharmaraja aka Lord Yama aka Yamaraja, Dhumorna, the wife of Yamaraja all live in a sphere called Yamaloka. As per the belief system judgment of one’s lifetime is done by Yamaraja.

To please the Chitragupta (Kayastha), there are various temples made for him. One of the famous temples is the Kanchipuram Chitragupta Temple. Although, as per the law of Karma everyone has to fulfill the destiny created by themselves. Chitragupta and Yamaraja’s analogy can be used in present life itself to make the present a better place to live.

Clearing out unwanted memories is the way to clear the debts of past life.

How to clear the past life Karma?

A past life Karma can be cleared by understanding the metaphysical aspect of Chitragupta and Yamaraja. You have to clear out the unwanted memories through meditation and Yoga. This is the solution provided by Yogis and Monks.

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