Yoga Nidra Script For Easy Sleep, from the ‘8’ Formula

Take a suitable position. You can try Savasana/Vishnuashana. In all stages, you are self-healing with Gratitude, Self-Love, and Surrender. Opposites make you visualize. Here is the full script based on Patanjali’s Samyama, the last three limbs in the 8 Stages of Yoga. This Yoga Nidra Script takes its inspiration from Himalayan Yogis.

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Yoga NIdra Script.

Start of Yoga Nidra Script.

Ensure, you are not in the middle of something urgent. The best time is either in the Brahma Muhurata ( Morning 3:30 AM to 5:30 AM or before going to bed in the evening). Lie down in Savasana/Vishnuahsna Posture.

Have you ever observed before that whenever you get good sleep, there is automatic visualization of the images with some kind of easiness in the body? This happens more in the evening when you are going to get a good sleep. When you force yourself to think something, there is no good sleep or when you have more thoughts you will not get a good sleep. Atman understands the automatic language. Let’s create that automatic language for Yoga Nidra.

 In Savasana/Vishnuashana sense each and every part of your body to be grounded. This is your initial Dharana.

Do you know how the dream manifest? It is all about automatic processing from your brain. There are impressions from your past. We are going to use the same impressions to create Samyama for Yoga Nidra. We shall be using past impressions.

Your awareness creates sensations within your body. You have to revolve your awareness from your toes to your head. We do this to create cosmic harmony. Everything is cyclic in nature, from time to revolution and rotation of planet and stars to revolution and rotation of the star. This is all about syncing the consciousness with nature.

Yoga Nidra Space chidakasha

Feel your left toe and right toe, sense your all other fingers in left and right. Sense your left knees and right knees. In the same way, sense each and every part of the left side below the hips and every part of the right side below the hips. You are rotating your awareness just like the rotation and revolution of the starts. There is no difference, just feel the similarity.

The rotation of the awareness begins from the level of finest of the atomic substance to the planet and galaxies to you. Do you know? Everything in the world is in the opposites. For example your own right side of the body and left side. They are aligned oppositely. It is a universal law. In the same way, an electron has a positron, earth has heaven, left side of the leaf has the right side of a leaf. Male has female and female has male.

Feel the warmness of your body, meanwhile, there is a coolness in your breath too. Each and everything is balanced through opposites.

Move your awareness on the left side of your stomach and right side. Now sense your left chest of the chest and the right chest. Sense the left side of your hand and fingers and the right side of your hand and fingers. Your left shoulder and right shoulder, chin and your mouth. Losen your jaws. Your both sides of face and forehead. Everything connects in one place i.e. above the center of the forehead. This is your third eye.

Take deep breaths. Sense your breath by listening to its sound and feeling the expansion in the stomach. Let it be automatic, you don’t need to force.  

Take deep breaths. There might be some impressions moving in your mind. For example your past memories, an object of meditation like a star, planet, lotus, or something else. Let it flow automatically. Now imagine this impression in the mind to be changing its form to one of the most beautiful aspects of life. It might be someone smiling or a moon or image of God, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or anything. This object of meditation is in the space of the mind called Chidakasha. This space is no different than the space in the Universe. With that image, you are slowly getting relaxed. Let the self-healing flow automatically. Surrender yourself to that visualized impression. Practice it for some time. Increase the time daily. For the first day, you might do it for 5 minutes, the second day makes it 7 minutes, the third day 10 minutes, and so on.

After completing come back to your conscious space. Start feeling your body. Bring back your awareness to both the right and left parts. Slowly open your eyes. Your Yoga Nidra Session is complete.

End of Yoga Nindra Script.

You can read this article on the benefits of Yoga Nidra. Also, you can also create your own yoga Nidra script for self-love, gratitude, visualization through the impressions which you had in the past.