Body scanning meditation script.

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This body scanning meditation script guides you for satisfying the soul. Before starting the body scan follow some basic steps. Firstly, be compassionate towards mother nature for everything. Secondly, spend 15-30 minutes in the morning time while gazing at the magnificence of Nature. Feel the coolness of the air coming inside the nose. Feel the drops of dew on the leaves as if they are touching you. Watch your steps while walking. Ponder upon how Nature grows from being a child to an adult. You are part of Nature.

To start body scanning meditation ensure you select the best time. It should be when you are free from your daily commitments. To begin with, you can choose either a chair or you can lie on your back in your Yoga Mat with your hands lying on side of your thighs. If you are comfortable with yoga poses you can try them. Most people prefer lying on Yoga Mat because while sitting on a chair you have to ensure your spine to be erect. It makes beginners uncomfortable.

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Take Deep Breaths as much you can. Focus on the breath coming inside you and the breath going outside. Your Imagination is a key to unlock the hidden potential of the subconscious mind. Sense your breath and feel that you are floating. Relax your eyes and allow them to close automatically. Focus on the fingers of your left hand. Raise your focus towards the radial pulse in your left hand. Move your focus on your right hand. Relax your fingers and move your focus again to sense the radial pulse.

Slowly raise your focus towards arms, elbows, and shoulders on the left side. Repeat it on the right side. Sense the breath coming inside to body. Sense it going outside. Take a deep breath, don’t lose focus.

Slowly feel your left foot and fingers try to wiggle it slowly. Sense your foot to be having sensations of the breath. Repeat it for the right foot and fingers. Move your attention up towards ankles, calves, knees and thighs in the left side and repeat it in right side. Take deep breaths, focus on the breath coming inside and going outside from the body. You should be able to feel the expanding and contracting breath inside the stomach. This is the core of your Karma. If you are unable to sense it, it is completely okay. You don’t need to sense it at all.

Move your attention towards your chest and neck. Connect the focus made previously on shoulders with chest and neck.  Sense the heartbeat. If you cannot sense then you can always imagine it on the left side. This heartbeat itself is the essence of life. Your soul is inside this heartbeat. The soul is that spark of God inside us.

Take deep breaths, focus on the breath coming inside the body and going outside of the body. Move your attention towards your chin. Allow your mouth to open automatically. Sense the breath coming inside the nose and going outside of the nose. Air is the source of life. It nurtures your soul. In the morning time, you had felt the cool air. Imagine the same freshness in your breath. Allow your eyes to relax. In your ears, a soothing sound is coming naturally. Feel the best sound coming into your ears. It’s all-natural. Don’t focus on noise, just sense the best sound.

Sense the forehead and move your attention on top and back of your head. Take a deep breath. Watch your breath. Sense the expansion and contraction of breath all over the body. Wherever you have focused you will feel the body currents originating from your heartbeats. This is Prana or the Chi.

End of the script:

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Benefits of body scan meditation.

  1. Better sleep.
  2. Releases anxiety and stress.
  3. Relaxes you mentally.
  4. Self-awareness and self-compassion.
  5. Controlled cravings.
  6. Self-healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How to do body scan meditation?

You can start body scan meditation by following our script. You have to ensure that you follow Yama and Niyama, the first two of the elements of Yoga.

What does research say about Body Scan Meditation?

As per a research published in Frontiers in Psychology, body scan mindfulness meditation increases interoception as a result of the neuroplasticity changes in the insula.

What is the time duration for this Body Scanning meditation Script?

The time duration of this script can be for a 3-minute mindfulness body scan or more. It depends on how to practice and how much you are comfortable. Some have reported, they were able to practice it for more than 20-30 Minutes.

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