Taoism and the art of inaction in modern lifestyle.

Sometimes we think we are doing a lot but we don’t get results. This happens when we are not in sync with the flow of the object. There was a famous movie Taare Zameen Par, where a young boy Ishaan was suffering from dyslexia, his parents try hard to make him read and live in sync with the world but he was unable to do so. Luckily in a later phase, Ishaan got a good teacher Ram who made him live with the flow of the systematic world. This movie has nothing to do with Taoism but it has a lot to do with Tao, the flow of the Universe.

Taare Zameen Par was a movie on dyslexia but Taoism is for the disorder that every person faces. Sometimes whatever we do is just not the thing for us. We see glamour, success, and money of actors, cricketers, musicians, etc., and aspire to get the same. What if we are not made for these things? Our hormones, usage of neurons, brain, body, and social construct decide how we are and what we become in the future. A person self-trained in computers tries hard to become a cricketer. Does he become a Cricketer? Obviously no, because his thoughts, experiences, learning all flow for computers.

Excessive desires are obstacles to a better lifestyle. They block the flow and redirect them towards chaos. We know that the Universe is also chaos but well-structured in the “laws of physics”. These laws are the basis of our lives also. Think about yourself, you are a collection of atoms that continuously flows in circular/ovular motion. Planets also follow the same thing. There is a day, that flows towards night. The night flows towards the day. There is a balance which we call Yin-Yang.

Taoism nature View

Is there any blockage for the atoms or planets? Obviously no but we humans do have a blockage. This is our excessive desires which obstruct our true ‘self. Wait for some time, think and take a break in life, understand yourself better and adapt to yourself. You shall be a better and happy person.

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