9 Lord Rama Quotes to Elevate Your Dharma

Lord Rama is the 7th Avatar of Vishnu. Here are lord Rama quotes to elevate your life. The king of Ayodhya inspires us to follow Dharma through the great book of Ramayana. These Rama Quotes make us realize that the true importance of life is to protect Dharma. You can also use these quotes in your Facebook story or Whatsapp status. Use the images without any restrictions.

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1. Impatience is the enemy of wisdom; it propels us to jump to conclusions, judge and condemn rather than to understand

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2. When Tadaka interrupted Vishwamitra’s yagna, we called her a demon. Now we plan to interrupt Indrajit’s worship. Are we demons too

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3. A wise man should foresee tragedy or misfortune and take action to prevent or overcome such tragedy or misfortune well before it strikes. Thus only he can enjoy a safe and good life.

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4. No matter how wise a person like Ravana, even if he is a ten-headed intelligent one, if he is devoid of Dharma, then destruction is certain

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5. Never consider your opponent, your enemy smaller than you. What Ravana thought of as ordinary apes and bears destroyed his entire army

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6. Supporting the unrighteous is also the cause of destruction.

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7. When a man’s destruction comes, his own intellect gets corrupted.

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8. Mother and mother land are greater than heaven!

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9. Meaning, many are yes-men who tell you what you want to hear. But rare are those who speak what you must hear and rare are those who listen to good advice.

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