Soul after death, 7 unique perspectives.

Soul after death goes to either Heaven or Hell is a common idea of any mythology. However, there are amazing mysteries regarding the afterlife. Do you know human body is majorly made up of space? You read it right. Molecules are made up of atoms but there is a lot of space between these. But wait? Is space real? And why this discussion of space in an article on soul after death.

There is a strong relationship between space and soul before death and soul after death. To spark your interest, you can think of heaven or hell as some planets situated somewhere in the empty spacetime with other stars. Isn’t it the same space that atoms have? It is the same space for sure.

It is obvious that when you breathe you are inhaling more space than air molecules. Death happens when someone loses the rhythm of breath which means the process when oxygen stops entering the body and carbon dioxide stops going outside the body. But oxygen and carbon dioxide too have the same space in which we and all exist.

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What is this space all about and why it has a relation with the soul after death?

This is a topic that requires both science and spirituality. Scientists probably don’t believe in mystery of soul and all but let’s talk about Einstein. Do you know Einstein has proved that “Space” as a single thing is just another myth? There exists a common thing called “spacetime” which is a combo of space and time. So, space and time live together. It means whenever there is space there is time. Interestingly this itself causes gravity is what Einstein’s General Relativity says.

Death is also the end of the time in an individual, so when there is a disturbance in “spacetime” it is death. This is why science can talk about death in a realistic way.

You can read what happens to the soul after death (13 days) in Hinduism.

Now what actually happens to the soul after death, is the soul the spacetime itself?

This will probably be one of the most complex problems to be addressed. Soul after death is a difficult problem. Medieval western philosophers tried to say that Aether exists within us. This was the classical fifth element other than Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Also, it creates an aetheric body or let’s call it soul.

It was something that can hold light but the famous Michelson–Morley experiment by Scientists proved that Aether doesn’t exist. Einstein proved later on that “spacetime” explains things properly. But Scientists never thought of exploring spacetime through an evolutionary perspective. This is one of the major research gaps in science. Probably this will change in the future after multidisciplinarity rises rapidly.

However, the Eastern Philosophers (Rishis and Munis) kept things well explained. There are classical five elements called pancha bhootas in the Indian system.

You can click here to read about Pancha Mahabhutas.

Along with above mentioned first four elements the fifth one is generalized as the element from which space or let’s say spacetime is made. Also, this element forms the soul of an individual. So basically soul is nothing but spacetime when you combine the perspectives of modern Science and Eastern Philosophy.

Soul after death representation spacetime

Disturbance in Spacetime within us?

Humans have a time period of approximately 100 years on Earth. This time period when combines with real space acting within us make it spacetime. Now, when someone dies there will be a disturbance for sure.

The major question that Science needs to solve is whether this disturbance is measurable or not? However, as per the philosophical view, the soul element of soul after death immediately takes up other elements in another dimension to create a new body.

Hinduism says this happens in accordance with the Karma or “Eternal law of Nature”. If someone has done good the soul moves to a suitable dimension and if someone has done bad soul moves to a bad dimension. There are levels of these dimensions arranged symmetrically on level of awareness. They are seven upper Lokas and seven lower Lokas.

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