Meditation for Students, by a top monk (Guided)

Meditation is essential for well-being, especially for Students. This article explores the ancient technique of meditation for students with expert guidance (Script Included). We talked with Dr. Phra Sirichai Thummachart a senior monk and teacher from Thailand. He is currently situated at Bodhgaya, India, the place of Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment. Dr. Sirichai has shared about the well-being of the mind for good health in Students. This article has high-quality trusted sources from various academic literature. You can follow the links in the article for references.

What is real meditation?

Meditation is a technique of complete absorption of consciousness towards any action or inaction. For example, one of the traditional Buddhist meditations makes us absorb into the ‘Shunyata’ or the Zeroness, this is inaction based technique. However, there are different ways of absorption of one’s consciousness. If you are a student, your first priority has to immerse yourself into the deep awareness of your goals and activities intended towards achieving them perfectly. Majorly, it is achieved through the mind, you need to nurture it to go towards absorption.

Dr. Sirichai quotes Gautam Buddha from Yamakavagga’s  1st Verse while sharing the importance of nurturing one’s mind. “Mano Pubbangama Dhamma Mano Settha Mano Maya”. “Mind precedes thoughts, the mind is the chief, quality is made by Minds”. Well-being for students should start from the mind itself. This itself is the basis of good health too.

Meditation is the food of the mind.

As per Dr. Sirichai, proper training in meditation is a food of the mind. An empowered mind is the basis of illness-free life. It is the first priority of Students. If our mind is properly trained for meditation, it becomes fit for the higher purpose of understanding our true existence.

Controlling ego is the warm-up for the mind. It can give you the willpower required to manifest your goals.

natural meditation for students

A beginner-level Meditation is all about controlling one’s ego from a basic level. In most cases whenever we hear of the word ego, we tend to think more about ‘attitude’ in others. For example, sometimes we greet a known person and when they ignore the greetings, we tend to think that they developed an ‘ego’. In fact, it is not ego, it is called ‘attitude’. The ego is something else.

What actually is ego?

Ego is an illness of the mind in almost all the people on Earth. One who is completely free from ego is in the Nirvana stage or what we call Turiya. The lesser the ego, the greater is the mind’s capability. We have an element of identity in ourselves, we tend to identify ourselves with the names given in our births. Since childhood, everyone creates a belief that the names given to us by our parents are our real identity. With this name, you create memories, your past experiences, your multiple interests, your ideologies, your thought processes, and many more. The impressions which we gather in mind are our false identity.

Impressions of the mind and importance of visualization for Students.

Dr. Sirichai says “Mind is a part of a human being; it should be developed simultaneously with the body”. Our mind has all the impressions required for life which is collectively called ego. As per the Buddhist Philosophy, the impressions create ‘Dukkha’ or sufferings, we need a proper ‘Magga’ or the path to end the sufferings.

This has to be used wisely if a goal is to be achieved. Although, many impressions don’t manifest when required. A student might be preparing for exams but what happens when he gets impressions of ice cream or relationships in the mind. It is obvious that there shall be no focus.

When Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says, keep dreaming because dreams become actions that lead us towards our Goals, it directly means we need to Visualize perfectly. During the time for study, you cannot visualize ice creams or your relationships. In the script of meditation for students, I shall give basic steps for visualization through a guided meditation for students. This is mostly based on Shaolin, Tao, and Indian methods.

Water flow Taoism and Shaolin

Guided Meditation for Students (Script) (5-10 minutes)

Take a proper Asana, ensure the timings are perfect, you shouldn’t be in the middle of something. Avoid Savasana, try to be in Padmasana, if not possible Sukhasana is fine. Keep your hands in dhyana mudra, close your eyes. Mock this script before you start.

Take slow deep breaths 10 times. Feel the expansion of the stomach while you take deep breaths. Concentrate on your neck, feel the air flowing above while you exhale. Focus on the dhyana mudra in both of your hands. Take slow deep breaths 10 times.

Feel each and every part of your body to be relaxed. Your toes, fingers, calf muscle, knees, thighs and hips, chest, neck, shoulders, and arms are relaxed. Concentrate once again on the expansion of the stomach. Take deep breaths 10 times. Try to concentrate on the breath you take. It is automatic now. You don’t need to force yourself now for the deep breaths. Keep on concentrating on the automatic rhythm of the breath.

Start visualizing in the mind. First of all, draw the image of water in mind. Visualize it to be flowing with the rhythm of the breath. Try to hold the image for a while. You may not be able to do it for a long time in the beginning. Keep on practicing. Practice will teach you to hold the image for a longer time automatically. Don’t forget this step in your other sessions, this is the most important step.

The water automatically moves towards the Sea or Ocean. It is the destination of each and every water source. You have to let yourself flow towards your destination. Start Visualizing your destination. See yourself in the goal you want to achieve. Focus on the question what if you don’t achieve the goal instead of focusing on what if you achieve the goal?

You need to visualize the actions intended towards achieving the goals in the mind. These actions will give you the gravity to flow towards the destination just like water flows towards the ocean. You should make your mind visualize the fact that the actions you are doing are perfect and you are following a proper path. These actions have made people successful, these actions act like gravity and the process becomes automatic. Visualize more frequently with detachment from the external world.

Before you start the study. Practice it daily, your actions shall be clearer and clearer daily. This is the path to your destination.

End of the Script.

Benefits of Meditation for Students.

There are various benefits of meditation for students. Here are a few listed.

  1. Visualization of the dreams.
  2. Reduces stress levels.
  3. Helps to manifest your action towards destination.
  4. Well-being of the mind.
  5. Improves concentration.

Note: You might need a proper Guru if you are looking for a higher purpose than just meditation for students. However, you can try our scripts on a personal level. Find the links at the end of this Article.

Source: Dr. Phra Sirichai Thummachart is a Buddhist Monk situated at Bodhgaya, India. He is originally from Thailand who guides his country people in India. Dr. Sirichai also teaches underprivileged kids and young people and guides them with his vast spiritual knowledge and experiences. Besides, monkhood he also holds a doctorate degree from the University of Mumbai. To know more about him, you can reach his Facebook profile.

This is a collaborative article.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Should students meditate?

Yes, students are the ones who should meditate most. It helps them to manifest their goals. Meditation for students should be strictly followed.

How much should a student meditate?

Students should meditate for 5 minutes in the beginning. The time has to be increased based on experience. 20 minutes is an ideal meditation session for everyone.

What happens if you meditate daily?

If you meditate daily you will make connections with your soul in a better way. You will be able to manifest your intended actions towards achieving the goals.

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