5 Powerful ways for handling thoughts in meditation

Last Updated On Feb 9, 2022 @ 3:17 pm

Thoughts in mind during meditation are common for beginners. You can control your thoughts by getting hands-on with emotional intelligence. When you are satisfied, you don’t get negative thoughts. So, if you are feeling that you get thoughts in meditation, you are doing something wrong.

A study says that individuals differ in their ability to adaptively generate, recognize, understand, and regulate the emotions of self and others. This implies that your emotions are key to control your thought process.

It’s only you who have to fight the negative thoughts. You know! Removing the thoughts completely from the mind is also a form of Samadhi. Yes! You read it right. Sense of awareness, else nothing, no thoughts, only peace. How this is possible?

It’s easy and tough at the same time. Easy in the sense when you practice perfectly, tough in the sense you don’t follow the rules.

How do you feel when you are internally satisfied? Imagine the best situation from your memories. Some see lives in paintings, some see wonders of nature, some see the flowing water and some see stars and the moon to get satisfaction. Most people get satisfaction when they listen to some exotic form of music or read novels or books or even while playing sports. But when you force yourself towards these activities by following others, you certainly cannot get satisfaction.

idea for controlling thoughts in meditation

Know the true you, your true ‘self’ which connects with the form of art made for you. This is the first thing you should understand while understanding the measures of controlling your thoughts.

Here is the 1st powerful way for you.

Take a suitable asana, relax. Take a deep breath and move your thoughts to the memories where you could focus upon with satisfaction. Keep focusing on memories but remember, this memory shouldn’t be something that makes you distracted. You should be satisfied.

Done! Your thoughts are redirected towards satisfaction which you can use for visualization in a later stage. Practice it daily. Your good memories will automatically fight negative emotions.

Pranayama is another powerful tool for controlling thoughts in the mind. Prana not only means your breath but the flow of your conscious energy. Start practicing Pranayama. Remember the sequence rechaka kumbhaka, puraka, kumbhaka. Practice the sequence 9 times and the last would be Kapala Bhati after 2-3 seconds of relaxation. Repeat twice or thrice.

After 21 days of practice, you should be able to control negative thoughts coming in meditation.

Mindfulness is also the best practice for handling your thoughts while doing meditation. You have to be aware of every possible happening around you. You should watch your steps, sense the air, feel the breath, and so on. You should be aware of what you are doing. This will keep your conscious mind busy in awareness. You will be able to control your thoughts. Practice daily.

The last two techniques need expert guidance. However, you can practice simple versions of these methods.


In Trataka, you gaze continuously at one object. This is one of the powerful tools of Hatha yoga. Visit your terrace or a place where you could gaze at stars or the moon. Keep on gazing continuously. Start with few seconds, increase the time duration until you make it to perfection. Try on your own risks if you have eye problems.


Start watching your breath. In perfect vipassana, you will be able to observe the motion of your breath in all of your chakras. This awareness will take you towards the destination. That’s it! It cannot be taught, you should be able to experience it by yourself.