33 Best Hindu Gods Names

There is a myth that there are about 33 crore gods however these Hindu Gods names are unknown. It is because there are only 33. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are also on this list. You can Learn about the Hindu Gods and goddesses from ancient times to the present day below.

These 33 Gods name are listed as Adityas, Rudras and Vasus followed by Prajapati and 2 Ashwini Kumars.

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Adityas, Sun Gods Names in Hinduism.

mandala of surya with hindu gods name

The sun gods or the Adityas are the protectors of the civilization. Their head is Vishnu the protector deity followed by Indra the King of gods. The Hindu gods names of Adityas are as follows.

  1. Yama, the god of death.
  2. Aryaman, protector of customs and unions.
  3. Indra, King of gods.
  4. Ravi/Pushan, god of poems and marriages.
  5. Varuna, lord of natural laws and waters.
  6. Bhaga, the god of fortune in Hinduism.
  7. Savitr, the lord of intelligence.
  8. Surya, the god of knowledge.
  9. Ansha, the lord of radiation.
  10. Mitra, the god of friends.
  11. Dhatr, the god of health
  12. Daksha, the protector of art.

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Rudras the mythical hindu gods names.

Rudras are the deities of emotion controlled by lord Shiva who is known by Shambhu in the list. The hindu gods names of rudras are as follows.

  1. Kapali
  2. Pingala
  3. Bheem
  4. Virupaksha
  5. Vilohit
  6. Shastra
  7. Ajapaad
  8. Ahirbudhnya
  9. Shambhu
  10. Chand
  11. Bhav.

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Vasus, the protector hindu gods names.

  1. Apas, the deity of Water
  2. Dhruv, the pole star’s diety
  3. Soma, the deity of the moon.
  4. Dhara, the deity of the Earth.
  5. Annala, the deity of fire.
  6. Anila, the god of air.
  7. Pratyush, the god of light.
  8. Prabhash, the lord of the sky.

Here is the list of pancha mahabhootas and the mantra.

Prajapati and Two Ashwini Kumaras make the list of 33 gods. However most commonly known Hindu gods names are as follows.

Vishnu – The Preserver

Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Asana

In Hinduism, Vishnu is considered as the preserver of the universe. He has four arms and holds a conch shell, discus, mace, and lotus flower. His consort is Lakshmi, who represents wealth and prosperity. Here is the list of 24 Avatars of Vishnu.

Shiva – Destroyer

Shiva and Shankar with statue

Shiva is one of the three major gods of Hinduism. He is also known as the destroyer of evil. He is associated with destruction and regeneration. He is often depicted with his hair disheveled and holding a trident (trishul). You can read about 19 avatars of shiva and 1000 more names of shiva. Lord Hanuman is considered an avatar of Shiva and Lord Ganesha is the son of Shiva.

Brahma – Creator

Brahma is the creator god of Hinduism. He has four hands and holds a conch shell, discus, mace, and lotus flower. His consort is Saraswati, who is the goddess of knowledge. Here is the list of Avatars of Brahma.


Lakshmi – Prosperity

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is also known as Sri, the wife of Lord Vishnu. Her symbol is the lotus flower.

Saraswati – Knowledge

In Sanskrit, her name means “the one who has knowledge.” She was married to Brahma, the creator god. She is the goddess of music and wisdom.