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subconscious mind

Sushupti Avastha of Human Consciousness.

The Sushupti Avastha is the third form of the human consciousness. The common translation found in most of the articles on the web is Deep Sleep. Metaphorically in some context, you can call it a deep sleep but literally, the meaning is something else. It is the dormant stage of human consciousness. In modern scientific …

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Jagrit Avastha of Human Consciousness

As Per the Major Upanishads, there are four stages of human consciousness called Jagrit, Svapna, Sushupti, and Turiya. These conditions are equated with the word ‘OM’ so that when someone encompasses the four stages becomes equivalent with OM i.e. Brahman. What is the first stage called the Jagrit condition in Hindu Philosophy/Psychology? We the beings …

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