Tantra Yoga, Guide, and 5 best benefits.

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What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is the yogic technique for creating a higher desire to become one with the supreme Brahman (higher consciousness). Tantra comes from two words Tan and Tra meaning ‘expansion’ ’ and ‘means of doing. Yoga means union. Collectively, the direct meaning of Tantra Yoga is the means of expansion followed by the union. But wait, for the expansion of what and with whom to unite?

In the modern context, It’s about embracing sexuality and desires! We shall discuss sexuality as we move forward with the Article. Sexuality is not about gender it is about hormones. Also, I have given the techniques best suited for singles and couples at the end of this Article. This can be a long article but major aspects have to be explored first. Tantra Yoga is a very large area to explore.

Red the first colour of Tantra Yoga

Before moving further with Tantra Yoga let’s explore the benefits of Tantra Yoga first followed by the origins and at last the techniques of practice.

Major Benefits of Tantra Yoga

  1. The proper practice of Tantra Yoga helps you to get rid of unwanted desires.
  2. It gives permanent satisfaction after being perfected in the practice.
  3. Hidden memories within your heart get controlled automatically.
  4. Controls your stress level.
  5. Gives you perfectly balanced life.

Origins of Tantra.

The earliest trace of the word Tantra can be traced to the 10th Mandala of the Rig Veda. The verse is as follows.

“इमे ये नार्वाङ्न परश्चरन्ति न ब्राह्मणासो न सुतेकरासः । त एते वाचमभिपद्य पापया सिरीस्तन्त्रं तन्वते अप्रजज्ञयः

Rig Veda

The translation of this Mantra in Hindi is.

जो मनुष्य इस लोक के शास्त्र को नहीं जानते तथा न परलोकशास्त्र अर्थात् अध्यात्मशास्त्र को जानते हैं, वे न ब्राह्मण हैं, न उपासक हैं, किन्तु अज्ञानरूप पाप से युक्त हुए केवल सन्तान वंश का या अपने शरीर का ही विस्तार करते हैं

In this verse, the Tantra is referred to as the technique which expands bodily consciousness. The bodily consciousness is all about the cycle of desires. 

If a person has no idea about desires, there is only the rise of ignorance. Most of the time the Tantra is presented in a negative way. However, when the Yoga word comes together with it, this becomes Tantra Yoga. It is only the mean of salvation.

How to practice Tantra Yoga?

The strongest of the memories are related to sexuality. Images are really too strong for anyone. It is really tough to get rid of these unless you embrace them, accept them and move forward with them.

The analogy is created using the arrows of Kamadeva, the lord of love. These are mainly five arrows namely fascination,  disturbance, burning, desiccation, and destruction which are named Lambini, Tapini, Dravini, Marini, and Bodhini.

These arrows are aimed at your excitement level to create hallucinations by making you crazy and go absorbed in love. In one of the stories of Lord Shiva, it is mentioned that he burnt Kamadeva to the ashes after opening his third eye. It is because beyond the third eye lies the source of the highest form of energy and light. Let’s see how to reach that source in us. The first method is for single people and the second one is for couples. The purport of the whole analogy is one.

It is the Kama or the lust that creates stronger images within ourselves. Now, let’s explore the methods to get rid of these and have internal satisfaction.

The first method of Tantra Yoga is from the Scientific Monk.

There are various practices like Kundalini Yoga or Bhakti Yoga for single people but let’s see how it all works.

  1. Fix a mirror in your room, and make arrangements in such a way that you should see your whole body in it.
  2. Stand firmly, on the opposite side of the mirror.
  3. While standing, see every detail of your body in the mirror. See your hands, see your skin, see your legs, see your feet, stomach, etc. Give more time while contemplating each part once again while seeing and feeling the sensations in each part. I know it can be an awkward situation for first-timers but this is all about accepting your own reality. Note: These sensations can be anything from the hotness of fire to the coolness of the breeze depending upon your environmental conditions.
  4. Try to create self-appreciation for each part of your body. The aim of this is to accept the fact that you in every sense are better than those unwanted images.
  5. If you could feel the sensations within your physical body while seeing your body in the mirror. Half of your work is done.
  6. Take any suitable Asana, most preferably Padmasana or Sukhasana in front of the mirror itself.
  7. Close your eyes and feel your senses. The coolness around, a sound which you are hearing, the taste of water, etc.
  8. Contemplate each part for a long time, and feel your senses while focusing on the tip of your nose.
  9. Accept yourself to be taken by the Brahman (your sensations and consciousness) while chanting Aham Brahmashmi.
  10. Practice the above steps daily for 6 months. If you create your own reflection better with better visualization, you are freed from unwanted desires and memories. However, the time to get complete perfection in such practices can be 12 years.
  11. Through a teacher, get initiated into Bhakti Yoga or Kundalini Yoga.

Advisory Note and Disclaimer: One point to fully remember is arrows of Kamadeva in the form of psychology can hit you anytime so if you are a guy stand firmly and don’t lose your reproductory fluid. If you are a girl, don’t get too absorbed and lose your fluid too much. And, yes in the initial days the sensations can surely turn you around for greater desire with the images of the opposite gender. However, say it firmly, Ayam Atma Brahman, which means my soul is Brahman, and it is made for Brahman only. Brahman is the supreme consciousness.

You can read about the meditation guide by a learned yogi here.

The second method of Tantra Yoga.

  1. If you are a married individual, you don’t need a mirror for practicing Tantra Yoga. You can feel your reflection in your partner itself.
  2. While having your intimate moments, feel have every possible moment of pleasure but a guy shouldn’t lose the reproductory fluid and a girl shouldn’t lose the fluid too much.
  3. Feel the completeness of the body while having those moments.
  4. Just understand that at the level of the body, you two make each other complete. Your hormones get balanced because you two are together.
  5. It is advised to follow Varnashrama Dharma for married couples. You can click here to read about 4 Varnashrama Dharma.

The ones who have lost someone close also have hidden images. Every time you practice Tantra Yoga. Use the mantra Prajnanam Brahman ( Everyone is Brahman). Feel the one whom you have lost in the Brahman.

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