Astounding Tantra Vidhya and Embracing Desires

Desires are the seed cause of all.

Tantra Vidhya is all about expanding desires. Deep inside, everyone has hidden desires. They are the main cause of suffering in human beings.

For example, a person with bicycle dreams of a bike, a person with a bike wants a car, a person with a car wants an expensive car, and a person with an expensive car wants a helicopter. What happens here? The struggle to achieve more increases in all cases.

This struggle is all because of unfulfilled desires and hidden memories and Tantra Vidhya can help you to get rid of all such things.

Tantra Vidhya and Desires

However, there is no need to worry about desires. They are natural. The major teaching of Tantra Yoga is this. You need to embrace your hidden desires. However, there are many desires which cannot be fulfilled. This is common in terms of pleasure-seeking. Tantra Yoga teaches to get rid of all desires including pleasure-seeking desires by embracing and accepting them.

Why embrace the desires and what is Tantra Vidhya and its relationship with Yoga?

In the Yogic books, like Shreemad Bhagawat Gita, it has been said that desires never let a person reach the ultimate Brahman. However, it is difficult to get rid of the desires too. In Tantra Yoga or Tantra Vidhya embracing the desires means accepting the understanding of the nature of the desire.

Tantra is mostly about pleasure but Tantra Vidhya is not.

Practicing Tantra and Tantra Vidhya are two different kinds of things. There has been a strong misconception about the word Tantra in modern times. When one talks about Tantra-Mantra, they think about the exorcism or methods to get the desired stuff like boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. The so-called Tantriks in India make use of this illusion and earn money.

Tantra isn’t about achieving the physical form of what we didn’t achieve in life. It is all about accepting that form within our body. Accepting any form within our body is called Shri Vidya.

Again, How this is possible, how to accept the forms within our bodies?

If a person didn’t get a boyfriend/girlfriend it’s nothing but the Karma of an individual. To control Karma there is a need for a proper union of the forces.

Hidden desires, the Tantra Yoga teaches to get rid of this.

In our other article, we discussed Purusha and Prakriti. It is the divine union between the masculine and the feminine forces within ourselves. We know that in our body there is no equal distribution of the hormones that give us different kinds of Nature. This Nature is often called Bhavas.

Biologically, males have more testosterone and less estrogen. It is the opposite in the case of females. Can a male and female have an equal amount of those hormones?

Maybe this is completely not possible because of the Natural Laws unless you do surgery.

Surgery is basically done in order to accept the real gender within you. Some people are born male but from inside they are female. Some people are born female but they are male within. However, you can accept the identity given by your Nature too.

Why does this happen?

It happens because of the Social Construct and the hormones. Basically, gender role is all about these two kinds of stuff. Female hormones and Male hormones make a person different in the name of gender but the soul is always the same. Society is just about balancing those hormones and it is all done by Nature. In maximum cases, a female requires a male body and a male requires a female body for satisfaction. 

Satisfaction is required in order to achieve real wisdom. It comes from the Kosha called Anandamaya Kosha. You can take your time to read about the concept of Pancha Koshas from Scientific Monk.

The soul is gender-neutral, but your body is not. Your body has certain requirements unless which is fulfilled gives no real satisfaction. Tantra Vidhya gives you this satisfaction. It is the way to reach the final sheath of the human body called Anandamaya Kosha.

Some of your desires may not be in the manifest condition too. They are deeply hidden in the memories of the past.

More about the desire.

The desire to be one with the opposite gender is because of societal constructs and hormones. Since childhood, you see males and females together. Your intelligence also accepts it as a reality thus supported by your hormones. However, there is no complete satisfaction. Your desire keeps on growing. It can transform at some point in time from pleasure to non-pleasure seeking but again, the fake reality continues.

Balancing hormones is carried out using Kundalini Tantra Vidhya or Tantra Yoga.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga or Tantra Vidhya makes it easy for balancing society, love life, gender, and freedom. However, the practice is not so easy. The first fact to realize is, the soul is Gender Neutral that’s why both males and females can do 99% of similar things. But the body is not Gender-neutral because of Society and hormones. All your hormones are naturally within you.

Tantra Vidhya teaches you to accept it embrace it and accept who you are.

Society needs Dharma, Pleasure needs Kama, Gender needs Artha and Freedom needs the union between Purusha and Prakriti that’s moksha. I would call the complete method to achieve the four Purusharthas mentioned in the various Indian philosophical texts Tantra Yoga.

In Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Abhinavagupta, a Medieval Indian Philosopher has given 112 ways of the divine union. These all methods are based on the temperament type of an individual in Tantra Yoga. You can always refer to this to know more.

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