Meditation for anxiety script for adults and teenagers (Guided)

Anxiety is common for almost everyone on Earth. In this script of meditation and mindfulness, let’s go into the journey of healing from the meditation expert. Anxiety can come anytime so there is no time and place requirement for this relaxation script for anxiety. However, the best is always in the Brahma Muhurata (Before Sunrise) or any time after/near the sunset. This is a 5-minute version of the guided meditation for anxiety script.

Meditation for anxiety script (Guided).

Choose a suitable position. It can be Padmasana, Sukhasana, Simhasana, or any sitting posture. Although, the best asana for relaxation for anxiety is Savasana. This posture itself is the body scan meditation. Lie down in your back, it can be your bed or yoga mat. Make sure it is not much spongy. Start with the body scan meditation procedure. Take deep breaths up to a maximum of 20 times, focus on the breath going inside to the body from the nose and let it go outside automatically. Concentrate on your left toe, wiggle it a little, concentrate on your right toe, wiggle it a little. Repeat the same for all of your fingers in the left foot and do it same for the right foot.

Concentrate on your left sole take a deep breath, let the breath flow automatically outside. Feel the left sole to be grounded and relaxed. Repeat the same for the right sole. Concentrate on each of the body parts below the hips on the left side: ankles, calf, knee, thigh, and hip, repeat it for the right side. Take a deep breath, let the breath flow automatically outside. Concentrate on your stomach, and back, take a deep breath, let the breath flow automatically outside, Feel the expansion of the stomach with the breath. You are slowly relaxing your chest by concentrating on your chest and the breath simultaneously. The breath going inside is also now automatic, it has always been automatic.

Your necks are more relaxed now, concentrate on its backside, feel the warmness while relaxing. Concentrate on your chin, mouth, forehead, face eyes. Try to feel your heartbeat, if you are unable to concentrate on your heartbeat then it is completely okay.

Your thoughts are what makes you and your past and future. Focus on the middle of your two eyebrows. This is the Ajna Chakra. Every instruction or your thought process starts from here. Just like your breath is automatic, your thought process is also automatic. Let the thoughts come, you are strong, they cannot do anything to you because you are not the thoughts.

Utter the words “Ayam Atman Brahman”, this is the mantra for meditation to remove anxiety. This mantra means, my soul is the part of god or light or universe. Repeat the mantra 10 times. Concentrate on the automatic rhythm of the breath and heartbeat. You can control your thoughts now. It is because you are not the thoughts, you are the soul which is part of the supreme consciousness. Immerse yourself into deep awareness.

End of the Script.

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Meditation for anxiety script representation

Note: This mindfulness script is prepared following the Himalayan System of meditation. You may need to practice repeatedly to get perfect results. You can use this script for controlling your stress levels, which is caused majorly due to the release of hormones from your Svadhistana and Manipura Chakra. These hormones are mainly Adrenaline and Cortisol.

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