Meditation for Yoga, practices, and ideas.

Meditation for yoga is easy. Here we have best practices of meditation before starting Yoga. Start your day early to start Dhyana. It gives you all-day freshness, good sleep at night, and all-day positive energy.

Meditation for Yoga: Pose

Ultimate Guide of Meditation for Yoga.

There are various techniques of meditation for Yoga. However, the best is Yogic Meditation. You may need a guided meditation for Yoga in the beginning but in a later phase, you can do it on your own. Here is the to-do list before you start.

  1. Make a habit of waking up early in the morning.
  2. If you feel stressed, develop self-love.
  3. Imagine yourself to be part of creation, so there is no difference between you and nature.
  4. Develop a small garden for yourself. If you cannot, at least grow some flowering plants by yourself.
  5. Connect yourself with nature. Do you know that Yoga poses are directly connected to Nature? It is like biomimicry. It is all about Nature Yoga.

Yoga Meditation scripts for connecting with nature.

We have compiled a list of techniques to improve meditation for yoga. Here are the articles you should read from the Scientific Monk.

  1. Yogic Meditation
  2. Tantra Yoga
  3. Body Scan
  4. Meditation for anxiety.
  5. Meditation for students.

Why you should do meditation?

As per various scientific research, meditation is helpful in maintaining stress levels. It guides you to live a peaceful life, free from anxiety. Also, meditation helps you to get a higher purpose in life and move towards enlightenment. Here is a list of why you should start meditation today. You may not need Meditation for Yoga classes also.

Meditation for Yoga 2
  1. It maintains your blood pressure.
  2. Meditation helps in maintaining stress levels.
  3. It helps in getting a higher purpose in life.
  4. Meditation gives you all day positive energy.
  5. Gives you hope.
  6. Connects you to Nature.

To know about the power of the mind through meditation, you can read our well-researched article with high-quality references here. (Power of mind)

Here is a guided meditation for Yoga for beginners from Sadhguru.

Pose of Meditation for Yoga.

If you are considering Yoga as physical exercise, you can focus on meditation through Savasana. This asana itself is a ‘body scan meditation’.

Savasana pose: Meditation for Yoga
  1. Lie down in the above-given position.
  2. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths ten times.
  3. Start focusing on the toes and imagine it to be grounded and relaxed.
  4. Repeat it for each and every part of the body from ankles, knees, hips, back, stomach chest, neck, chin up to head.
  5. Release the energy from the mouth by leaving it free. Your mouth should open automatically.
  6. Focus on your breath and every part of your body. If you have relaxed yourself, you will feel the expanded breath in the stomach.
  7. Practice it for 10-15 minutes. You are ready.
  8. Slowly open your eyes and start your day.